10 Reasons to Get a Library Card


by Captain Lyaf Yarr and First Mate Keira

Library cards are the best thing ever! There really is no reason not to have your very own. Below are just ten reasons to get one. Can you think of any others to add?

  1. A library card is free. There are no costs to opening a new card and no subscription fees. Seriously, do you need any more reasons? You do? Well, okay, read on then!
  2. A library card is like a credit card. One swipe and it’s yours for the entire loan period. It’s better than a credit card too because you don’t have to pay for anything you use it on.  Anything you want to borrow: books, cds, dvds, etc. is free! Why go to a video rental store or buy the books? Save your money.
  3. You can borrow many library materials at the same time. My library’s policies allow me to check out 10 audio books, 10 videos, 10 dvds, 10 cds, 10 audio books and 50 books all at once! Can you imagine? That’s 100 items! However I suspect library fines to be outrageously high if I did that and forgot anything.
  4. You can get access to the newest releases in books, movies, and cds. There might be a little bit of a wait if a lot of people also want to get them too. Be sure you reserve your copy early!
  5. You can put books on hold and renew easily from home. You can do both by phone or by going online. How easy is that? Now if you forget at 11:50 pm at night that something was due in less than a minute by visiting the library online you can avoid fees!
  6. You get access to more than one library circulation. You’re not limited to one library circulation. Lots of libraries are interconnected. You’ll never have to worry about a library not having the book you want – it’s there somewhere and they’ll get it to you!
  7. Access to online material. Depending on your library you can get access to free online material from research databases to online journals and more. Great for papers!
  8. Access to free download material. Some libraries have books and movies you can download from online. How cool is that? I hope my library gets that feature soon!
  9. Perks outside of the library. Some places like zoos and museums offer discounts and freebies with a presentation of a library card. Neat!
  10. Without a library card you can’t check anything out from the library! That’s not fun! So what are you waiting for? Go and get one!

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  1. just remember, return the items on time or you will be charged fees…

    • Yes! lol I’ve seen people come in and have to pay off overdue fees that were anywhere from $16 to $44. My friend had a bad habit of forgetting due dates.

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