10 Reasons To Read Erotic Romance

by Sandra Scholes, guest blogger

Picture the scene, you have some time on your hands, and no one else is about – it’s your time, to do what you want and you want to relax and have some fun, but not active fun. You’re getting sat down with some music on in the background, and you have a few books you brought back from the mall when you went shopping or bought online and they’re now on your iPad or Kindle. Choose one; they’re all erotic, but in varying degrees. They have equal parts romance and erotic love making scenes, but there is a story to them you can get into – usually.

You go through the blurb on the back covers of each one, and remember how you felt in the store or online when you made your purchase – okay, you like the one where the guy’s a vampire and his heroine is a long lost girlfriend from hundreds of years ago and she’s been reincarnated – he’s got to find her, but she’s already got a fella, and what she doesn’t know is that he’s a demon. Oh dear! You turn the page, and that’s it – you are hooked and won’t be coming back into real life for at least a hundred pages from now. Enjoy it, savor it, but remember the ten reasons left here for you to look at, they’re not wrong.

1.) Romance Is Where It’s At: You’re tired of hearing about friends and their failed romances, and need some swift and satisfying drama to get immersed in. So what better way to while away the free hour or hours you have than to get into a book that you like, while you leave the failed love lives behind.

2.) Who Looks Sexiest:  All the men you see daily who wear the latest hip and trendy clothes – wouldn’t they look better in an open frilled shirt and cravat? Don’t forget the tight trousers! You might dream about this kind of thing in real-life, I certainly do if he looks anything like Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Jude Law.

3.) Fantasy Versus Real-Life: There’s no way you would find these kinds of men outside of erotic romances in real-life, so the fantasy aspect of it is very attractive to readers. They would like to envision having the kind of men they read about, but know anyway they are men they can’t have. There’s no problem wanting what you can’t have though, is there, ladies?

4.) Read Before You Buy: You’ve read the blurb on the back, and find out there’s a handsome, shirtless male called Sebastian inside who’s a rakish lord and could be yours if you surrender to him and spend your hard-earned cash on the novel. For me, and I expect many other women out there this is where it starts. Back cover blurb is a great way to find out what makes you tick, and it’s a great reason to want to read an erotic romance novel.

5.) Patience Is A Virtue: There’s always a payoff with the amount of sex involved in the story later on. Being patient is the key with this one, as it isn’t the sort of writing you would get from men’s romance novels-you have to wait for the sex scenes in women’s erotic romance whether it is contemporary, Period, Horror or Fantasy. Just think about that horny pirate waiting to take you below deck.

6.) Technological Convenience: Many erotic romance novels are available on Kindle or iPad, or even on your PC, so you can read as much, or as little of a novel as you want whenever you want. Sometimes a short story would be your kind of thing during a work break, or some time away from work altogether. It has never been more convenient to get reading. And with many people working part time now and having children to look after, there is more reason to read then ever before.

7.) Novel Settings: The settings where the characters interact can be just as erotic as the novels themselves, a strip club, bar, sex party full of shirtless men. Who could resist? The answer is none of us with any true sensual emotions. One of the best novels I have read so far had the setting of a garden party back in the Regency era, and it became very steamy indeed after the sandwiches had been munched!

8.) Strong Women: The women aren’t the timid types in standard romance novels. Erotic romance women are feisty, daring, and fun-loving and won’t stand for men cheating on them, unless she wants a threesome, that is. These kinds of women are fun to read about, and can get you into the novel you choose quite deeply, and no wonder as strong women are the focus of so many romance novels out there – there’s never a TSTL type out there!

9.) First Page Fever: Read that first page, and notice how comical some of the scenarios can be. The heroine could be abducted before her wedding, stopped on the highway by a horny cop, or the hero falling from a speeding car, or falling down a mountainside to stop his love from falling into the clutches of death. It’s that first page or two that grabs your attention, and, let’s face it, you can’t story reading, can you?

10.) Happy Endings: The ending, think of all those loose ends that you’ve been dying to see tied up since chapter eight. You will see them unravel now, and even though it’s the end of the story, and you’re sad, the ending will be happy, right? Wrong! It’s not always, but that’s half the fun of reading it, isn’t it?

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  1. Carla F.

    >>You’ve read the blurb on the back, and find out >>there’s a handsome, shirtless male called Sebastian >>inside who’s a rakish lord and could be yours if you >>surrender to him and spend your hard-earned cash >>on the novel.

    Well…sniff…I have to pay for him???……….OK he looks worth it.

    • @Carla – Isn’t the term rake just another term for manwhore? Makes sense you’d have to pay for him too – lol!

  2. All great reasons to read a romance! Excellent list. 🙂

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