10 Reasons Why Vampires are Sexier than Werewolves

by Sandra Scholes, guest blogger

You know what it’s like for some men. It’s another full moon, and he’s in that kind of mood where nothing you seem to do is good enough for him – or he’s just plain grouchy. As his girlfriend you have a lot to worry about – he’s a loup garou, a werewolf, one who dons a shaggy coat several times a month and goes a roaming around the city and eats a few people, or slashes a few, whatever’s his poison, and sometimes makes another man or woman a fellow werewolf in the process. Thing is, you don’t have that worry; as you’ve got yourself a decidedly sexy and smouldering vamp on the side – and despite the fact he roams around too looking for hot ladies to bite, he still loves you the most, and will try not to show his nastier side when you’re around.

Here’s 10 reasons why vampires are sexier than werewolves:

1.) Full Moon Fever: Your vampire sweetheart has none of those problems wolf boy gets at certain times of the month when the moon is full. He’s your vampy, and he’s more likely to want to gather you up in his cold arms to show how much he loves you. He resists the lovely smell of your blood, and because of this, his bond to you is strong, despite the rest of his family wanting to have you as their meal.

2.) Night-Time Drinkies – All The Time: You don’t have to eat other people to live, only drink their blood – and you can keep them alive and unaware that they’ve been a donor for the past few years, though leaving them asleep on park benches might not be a good idea for the prowling wolf among us. He’s just the sort who will find them, and then, your donor is gone – pity.

3.) Happy Moon Viewing: No changing during a full-moon – just a nice drink of blood while you’re looking at it. It’s one of the cutest things you will ever do with your vamp boy, and there will be more to come, like cleaning up after one of his blood frenzies!

4.) Completely Crazy Clothing: It’s possible he went through a Goth phase when he was younger. Handsome men wearing Goth clothing, or frock coats and frilled shirts unbuttoned at the waist to show off their sexy physique sounds as sexy as it looks. They can dress normal and modern as well, but never ask if they were Goth – looking two-hundred years back, it can be pretty embarrassing for the average sexy vamp.

5.) Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: Vampires will be eternally beautiful – as long as they get their nightly dose of blood. If they don’t, they won’t look at all good, with a pasty face, and dull grey bags under the eyes, he won’t be your favourite person in the evening as he hadn’t managed to get his regular dose of the red stuff earlier.
6.)  Mirror, Mirror, Who’s The Fairest?: They’ll never get their sexy face, or pale physique in front of a mirror, and that’s the biggest shame of all, but they do like to go out on the town and pick up some human women…or men for a bite to eat. At least you won’t have to put up with him religiously combing his hair in front of the mirror all day – he was as bad as the girls in that way when he was human!

7.) Her Telepathy Trouble: They can read your mind, and know when you find them sexy, and irresistible – then they strike! So remember, if you’re still thinking about that wolf boy who doesn’t live that far away, he’ll know and you can be sure he’ll be as jealous as hell about it.

8.) A Date With Death: You remember the first date you had with your man, he’s handsome, has long, raven hair, and the most lively, piercing eyes that shine with great intensity – yep, you knew he was a vamp all along, and his eyes will sparkle more so every time you look at each other. He’s also the sort of guy you can’t get out of your head, and if you love him as much as you do – you won’t want to.

9.) Love At First Bite:  When he looks at you, and only you, you know he wants you desperately, but you might have doubts about which guy you’re attracted to, the wolf boy or the vamp boy – you won’t in a minute – his mesmerism will soon sort that out! You wanted to go to the cinema and he wanted to stay in – you recall the conversation, but not the outcome – you stayed in with him while the fire raged and the last coals burned out, he held you in his arms all morning – lucky the curtains were closed!

10.) Bite Night: His kiss, it’s not like any other guy’s, is it? Not even wolf boy can kiss like him. Even when he knows he can draw a bit too much blood on your neck, and you’ll still love it. He has to refrain from being too bitey though, as you will realize another side to him – he doesn’t want to make you a vampire too, even if you desire that above all. Remember, what he told you before about the depression he had over him being changed – and wanting to be human again? He really does feel that way from time to time.

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  1. haha, all so true . love that picture you picked!!!!

  2. Love me the sexy Vampire. I’d also like one that was a hybrid…he could keep you warm when needed and cool you off after the hot, steamy…shower…lol

  3. Sandra

    I agree, it’s a sexy one alright!

    So all of you vamp lovers out there, what is it you like about vampires?

  4. I love the struggle between instincts… and that love always wins out over hunger. 🙂

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