10 Ways to Avoid Being Bored While Reading

by Captain Lyaf Yarr and First Mate Keira

Does the thought of reading make you stir crazy? If you said yes, try these tips on for size to avoid boredom:

  1. Put on ambient music. It is important to pick music without lyrics otherwise you’ll find yourself singing to them instead of reading. Some types of music to consider: classical, instrumental, jazz. Be sure to turn the volume to low or it will be distracting.
  2. Get up and get a drink. If you’re thirsty; quench it. Depending on the season and your drink of preference you can have hot or cold drinks like coffee and hot chocolate or coke and ice tea. Makes reading more delicious!
  3. Take a break every now and then. When you start to zone out from your book what you need to do is take a break from reading and go do something else. Sometimes all you have to do is get up and do something for a minute or two to be refreshed. This will enable you to concentrate better on your book and allow you to enjoy it more.
  4. Predict what will happen next. It would be more fun if you predict what will happen next in your book than just waiting and finding out. Who knows? You may even be right! How cool would that be?
  5. Change books. If you’re like us and read more then one book at a time, it’s easy enough to switch when a book is starting to bore you. The new book is sure to interest you more and if you begin to tire of it, switch back.
  6. Read somewhere new. There are tons of places one can read a book, why keep reading in the same old spot? Get into the hot tub, take a bath, snuggle up in bed, go to the park, read/listen in the car, etc. For example, if you read in the bathtub not only will you be reading but you’ll be getting clean and relaxing!
  7. Exercise and listen to audio books. How can you say no to exercising and listening to your books? You can get rid of those unwanted calories and be transported somewhere else while doing it. What are you waiting for? Go to the gym, take a walk, or even pull out those running shoes and go jogging. Just make sure your music player is charged!
  8. Read in short bursts of ten to thirty minutes. Don’t have a lot of time or think reading in over long periods is a snooze-fest this is a good idea for you. Shorter periods of time spent reading isn’t very taxing so you’ll stay awake and engaged.
  9. Get uncomfortable. Read in funny positions. How can you get bored if you’re in an uncomfortable position? If you’re uncomfortable you can’t fall asleep or get bored.
  10. Have a light snack while reading. You can’t go wrong when eating and reading. You can feed your mind and your body all at the same time! So make yourself a scrumptious snack and settle in with a good book.

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  1. ……..awsome

  2. It helps a lot but it also helps if you read on a phone or tablet or computer because if you are like me you love to be on electronics and get board of reading then get bored and go on your phone

  3. Isabelle

    There are very cringy grammatical mistakes on 9. it is suppose to be you’re instead of your.

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