12 Pieces of Advice for the Rakish Fellow

by Sandra Scholes, guest blogger

The Regency rake is a sensual male—smart, streetwise and savvy when it comes to romancing women. His women come in all walks of life too. One moment he is dallying with a young woman, the next with a not-so-innocent lady. Never think though that he is a perfect gentleman, even if he is the product of excellent breeding, and has impeccable manners and taste. No, the rake, or rakehell as he is known by many, is quite an animal, and mainly of the nocturnal variety. He knows how to woo, to converse with women, and courtesans, and may even enjoy his time with the local ladies of the night from time to time; but don’t think for a second he will change his naughty ways if he decides to marry a true lady. That sort of thing only happens in romances you know… a reformed rake in real life is very much a mythical creature.

1.) Bad Habits: If you need your reputation to be impeccable, don’t introduce your bad habits into polite Ton society, or you might find someone else in your huge family gets that inheritance and even huger estate! Bringing ordinary girls into your father’s mansion for your friends is out of the question too, and anything else scandalous you can think of; opium, whores, gin, and gambling for high stakes.

2.) Keep Your Scandalous Ways Hidden: If you want to make out with a girl who likes the company of a rake like you, you have to find an area where no one is around a lot of the time. Remember, a locked door never arouses suspicion-especially if she happens to be the lady of the house!

3.) Beware Shocking the Lady: To avoid confusion, while at a ball, please whisper to the lady in question you want to seduce how many women you have had in bed; at least then she will be in no doubt as to the kind of rake you are!

4.) Sweet Seduction: If you are setting out to seduce the soon-to-be wife of a rival, make sure you don’t make her fall madly in love with you. That way she can keep quiet about any immoral acts you might wish to perform with her and get on with marrying someone who really matters.

5.) Secrecy At All Costs: Even though you have a fancy for a lady, you must realize that she cannot act or rush the romance, or she risks being a wanton jezebel. She must want you body and all, without coercion, yet even keeping this secret will be hard for the both of you and you know it. Think about it – is it worth the scandal?

6.) The Rake You Know: You suspect that a close relative knows what kind of a rake you are, and rumor is he or she’s written a book about your exploits and plans to have it published under a pseudonym. You can only find out who this relative is, and stop them, but what if he or she is miles away? It’s your problem!

7.) Former Spurned Conquests: Being at a ball can be a nice affair, yet you’ve had your fair share of women, haven’t you? Your problem is her eyes are on you, she was a former conquest and she’s about to tell all. Beware; she is more dangerous than she looks.

8.) Unique Settings: If you want to go about being a libertine, do it abroad with friends you can trust. Overseas women, as you well know, can be a great source of scandal and pleasure, and if you’re going to do anything caddish, then Vienna is your perfect place!

9.) Covert Conversations: If there is an old busy-body around who has inadvertently taken a great dislike to you, you can always direct attention by talking about more normal, innocent subjects such as hunting, shooting, sports and your lady’s sewing – that will teach her to try and listen in to your tales of Rampant Harry, the dashing and
dastardly hero of your new erotic novel.

10.) Demon Drink: Whatever the rake you are, don’t forget that when you drink, your personality changes as well. So when you are at some swank soirees, be sure to limit your drink intake or risk looking like too much of a lecherous cad.

11.) Being Daring: So, you’re as daring type of gentleman, dashing, a magnificent sight and a handsome character and you like to dress up to go out on a night as a highwayman. Be very careful your girl does not find out your true identity, especially if you happen to be a lord, earl or viscount – as her knowledge will be all over the Ton in no time!

12.) Great Expectations: There will be women out there who want to marry, and will expect a lot in return. This can lead to time spent with them, on their every whim, attending lavish balls, and, horror of horrors for you, nights in where she talks of nothing but crochet piano tuition and flower arranging and you are honor bound to listen.

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  1. Susan S.

    In Ref to #3: Handsome Rake to Lady: Would you like to be my lucky number 34?

    Ref to #10: Holding 2 demon drinks: “Love” the lecherous cads.

  2. Susan S.

    501? Did the rake go through his town and all the neighboring towns as well. Yikes. That’s alot.

    • And a few brothels and several actresses and many experienced (cough well used cough) courtesans — but he used sheepskin prophylactics or French Letters so it’s not an issue (or so he promises b/c you know, he’s always safe.) Haha. This is why you should read more virgin hero fics Susan! Though I do love my rakes. It’s especially satisfying when you can get one to convert to monogamy. 😀

  3. Susan S.

    That’s just IT! I like when the rake finds the “one” and realizes, monogamy with someone he loves is more meaningful than all those (cough well used cough) courtesans.
    Of course, realizing he actually has 10 illegitimate sons from all those whiskey induced liaisons( when he forgot the prophylactics) may cause some rough times ahead for the couple. But love conquers all, no? Lol.

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