catching fire

Who is excited for the release of Catching Fire this November? I know I am and I’ve been thinking about some party ideas for the big night. What’s so great about Hunger Games is, that like Harry Potter, there is a lot of inspiration to pull from the books. Here’s what I’ve come up with for a fabulous night you won’t soon forget:

  1. 12 Trials Obstacle Course – Catching Fire features an arena with rotating trials that appear hourly, around the clock. I propose for the big event that you gear-up and prepare a timed race with 12 trials. The person with the best time could win a prize (popcorn at the movies?). I have eight ready for you based on the book (these are not in the order of the appearance on the clock dial):
    • Blood Rain (CF, pg. 332) – Dodge a hail storm of red water balloons. They could be filled with colored water.
    • Mutated Monkeys (CF, pg. 332) – Climb something… a tree?
    • Acid Fog (CF, pg. 332) – Cover your eyes with something then attempt to run through a blanket maze.
    • Jabber Jays (CF, pg. 348) – Mimic someone convincingly. Just don’t be mean! I would try imitating the characters first.
    • Big Wave (CF, pg. 325) – Jump in the pool and make the biggest splash! All pool safety rules apply.
    • Beast (CF, pg. 348) – Face down a vicious beast (somebody’s pet dog) and make it play dead.
    • Pincher Insects (CF, pg. 364) – Crab walk around an obstacle.
    • Lighting/Electricity Surge (CF, pg. 332) – Race from Point A to Point B as fast as you can. Timed, of course.
  2. Lawn Sports – Any good Hunger Games or Catching Fire party should host lawn sports. Include archery, corn hole, lasso golf, and egg tosses (or water balloon tosses). The more adventurous could include… skeet shooting.
  3. Party on the Water – The arena for Catching Fire begins on the water, so why not start your partying there too? Rent a boat and cruise for a bit before locating a great area to anchor. Bring swim suits and fishing gear. You can even practice your archery with bowfishing!
  4. Rock Climbing Gym – Host your Catching Fire party at a rock climbing gym. Challenge each other to do more and more difficult routes, timed climbs, and then chomp down on pizza when you get ravenous.
  5. Go Capitol – Plan a Capitol-size makeover party. Buy the fun spray-on hair color (that washes out) and get white face paint or white powder foundation and see who can look the most Capitol. (Super cool parents might allow you to buy the permanent version of the hair colors, but get permission first!) Host a runway show and model your Capitol look. Take lots of photos! A prize could go to the best costume.
  6. Capitol Feast – Make your Catching Fire Capitol party a potluck, and encourage your friends to bring their most scrumptious dishes (just don’t go to the vomitorium to make room for it all, okay, that’s not cool.)
  7. Camp Out – Plan your Hunger Games party in the woods. Camp out in style or rough it. I think Peeta (and Katniss) would appreciate the s’mores don’t you? Make your camping party even more fun by combining it with different ideas on this list!
  8. Play Survivor Games – You can go wrong with classics like Manhunt, flashlight/freeze tag, Nerf war, hide and go seek in the dark, etc.
  9. Paintball Party – Plan a paintball party with your friends, either on teams or every-man for himself. Who’s got the best aim? Go to the movies in your war paint – it’s an almost Capitol look, don’t you think? See number five more ideas to complete the ensemble.
  10. Scavenger Hunt – Whether you have to hunt and scavenge for your campsite (see idea 7) or simply find Hunger Games and Catching Fire related clues on your way to the movies, this would be a great idea for a large party. You can break up into teams and have a blast running around! Who knows the most about the book series?
  11. Laser Tag – Go to a local thrill park and play a round of laser tag (perfect for that high-tech fancy look the movies go for with the tributes’ outfits). It’s way less messy (and painful) then paintball. But just as fun!
  12. Fencing/Mock-fighting – Duel it out, mano-a-mano. Get 24 tributes, I mean friends, together and plan a fencing championship. See just who will rise to the top and be the Champion! En Garde!

Most of all, just have fun getting ready for the next Hunger Games movie! See you at the movies!

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