20 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Audio Books


by Captain Lyaf Yarr and First Mate Keira

Reading isn’t just sitting down and having a book in front of you. Readers can access more books by listening to audio books, it’s a shame more people don’t. If you’re one of those who doesn’t I plan to convince you to start today! Below are 20 reasons why you should listen to books:


Reading and listening are both great ways to learn, but audio books let readers engage with books differently than print.

  1. If you’re a slow reader you should listen to audio books so you get books read faster and more of them.
  2. Audio books may be a better way to read books because of the reader’s voices. When I listen to audio books I comprehend it more when the narrator changes his or her inflections for the characters and doesn’t just read but acts! A voice can reveal so much more context than merely print. Sarcasm for instance!
  3. When you listen to audio books you know how to pronounce every word in them because the reader says them first. It’s fun to compare American readers/books to British readers/books. (e.g. Ha-rass-ment vs Hara-ssment.)
  4. For young kids especially, listening comprehension exceeds reading comprehension. Do we not crawl before we walk and talk before we read?
  5. When you listen to audio books it helps with vocabulary. More words listened to in context, more words learned!


Audio books are portable like regular books but in different ways so that you can get through more books.

  1. Take them with you in the car! On road trips, during commutes to work, school, activities, and while running errands.
  2. Audio books are also good to listen when you’re walking, running, taking the dog out, exercising and while at the gym.
  3. Listen to audio books while painting rooms in your house, doing yard work, cleaning, doing laundry, organizing, etc.
  4. I usually listen to audio books while doing chores, cleaning my room, etc. Think how many books you’d read if you listened to them when you do all that!
  5. Listen while lounging, getting ready in the morning, getting ready for bed… I bet you can think of even more times to listen.

Advantages over Print:

  1. Listening to audio books is fun because since the narrator is an actor it’s like going to a play or watching TV without a picture. I like listening to Jim Dale (Harry Potter) and Clea Lewis (Princess Diaries) and Nathaniel Parker (Artemis Fowl). I think they’re some of the best narrators I’ve heard yet.
  2. You hear every little detail in audio book. Sometimes people might skip over a paragraph or a page and that could be a very important part. Listening to audio books makes you a better listener!
  3. Audio books increases number of books kids, teens, and adults read. If you listened to two or more audio books a week, you’ll have at least 8 books read in a month. That’s more than most people read in a year! Can you imagine?
  4. MP3 players are “cool” where books might not be and therefore make reading cool too. You can download your book onto your iPod or MP3 player and listen to it whenever and wherever.
  5. Audio books are greener than print books. You save trees when you choose audio books.

Ease of Use:

  1. You can listen when you can’t see. This is great for readers with poor eyesight or eyestrain.
  2. Audio books are accessible; you can get them at the library, from Amazon, through Audible.
  3. Cut TV time in half – or out completely with audio books. Trust me it’s worth it! Books become best friends. Who ever heard of a TV show being a best friend?
  4. You can listen to audio books at night on mp3 player without waking anybody else in the room! Lights out? No problem! Not like with a print book where you’d have to turn on a lamp.
  5. There are so many devices for listening to audio books available. You can listen on an MP3 player, in the car on a CD player, a computer, a home sound system, on a Kindle, etc.

Like a good print book, audio books can be comfort reads and favorites that you listen to over and over and over again. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. I love the audio books I’ve listened to!

  2. I just finished listening to Bridget Jones on audio. It was quite lovely. There are some very big differences between the movie and the book and a few fun ironies. Great post Lyaf!

  3. Disagree. Stephen Fry is the best Audio Book reader ever.

  4. Melissa W.

    I tend to zone out more easily with audio and don’t hear large portions of a book if I hear versus read it. And I find audiobooks to be of a copout, especially if you have the time to sit down and read. If you are a reader, you’ll find time to sit down and read a book. Besides if I read a book, I can listen to a podcast or to some music.

    • As a reader I really enjoy audiobooks. It does take some getting used to but you will be a better listener because of it listening to books at work is a great way to fill the day. I get tired of music day in and day out.

  5. “You can download you’re book onto you’re iPod or MP3 player and listen to it whenever and wherever.”

    This is a good example of why reading is important.

  6. Bob (Mia)

    I’m doing an “report” of why you should listen to audiobooks and this helped me a lot. Good Work!

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