30 Book Series for Boys You Shouldn’t Miss, Part 1

All books below were recommended by boys (and grown-up boys) for boys. I sent an email to a bunch of guy friends asking them what they liked to read growing up and what their younger brothers were reading. The following list is pulled together from their responses.

  1. Goosebumps – R.L. Stine is a master of horror, thrills, and chills. He loved it growing up and his love for scary shines through his books. The humor in the series is deliberate and will make you laugh. Buy: Goosebumps Books
  2. Animorphs – Evil aliens called Yeerks have invaded the earth and nobody is the wiser, except 5 kids and 1 Andalite alien. The kids gain powers of the Andalites and become animal morphers. They use their newfound powers to battle on the fronts lines against the secret takeover. Buy: Animoprhs Books
  3. Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries – Kid sleuth, Leroy Brown, better known as Encyclopedia Brown, is one of the best at solving mysteries. He’s super smart and very observant. You can gain his services for a quarter. Are you as observant as he is? Can you solve the crime right along side him? Find out! Buy: Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries
  4. Hardy Boys – Who needs Nancy Drew? The Hardy Boys are daring, courageous, bold, and brave. They solve mysteries, thwart villains, and win over reluctant boy readers everywhere. Buy: Hardy Boys Mysteries
  5. Series of Unfortunate Events – Follow orphans Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire as they grow up amidst terrible things and avoid conspiracies against them. Notably from Count Olaf, their cousin, who is determined to steal their inheritance. Buy: Series of Unfortunate Events Books
  6. Face on the Milk Carton Series – Jamie Johnson, spies one day at lunch a milk carton with a missing picture of her young self with the name Jennie Spring. It completely throws her, because her parents are these loving, kind-hearted people and they couldn’t possibly have kidnapped her. Buy: Face on the Milk Carton Series
  7. The Black Stallion Series – This is a series about a boy, Alec Ramsay, and a wild Black stallion as they become friends and go on grand adventures, face difficult challenges, and grow up. Buy: The Black Stallion Series
  8. Harry Potter – A scrawny ill-treated boy finds out he has magical powers and attends wizard school to develop them. Along the way he discovers his parents were murdered, that he apparently destroyed their murdered at the age of one, and that this evil wizard is not fully dead and has plans to come back and it’s up to him to stop it. Buy: Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)
  9. Percy Jackson – When an English teacher changes shape and attacks our young hero demanding what he stole, his whole life gets rearranged. He finds out he’s a demigod, the offspring of a Greek god and a human. Suddenly learning disabilities are gifts for fighting Greek monsters… cool! A quest to prove his innocence is undertaken with two friends from Halfblood Camp and the adventure begins. Buy: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Boxed Set
  10. Septimus Heap – As the seventh son of a seventh son, Septimus Heap has magical powers. He becomes an apprentice to the Extra Ordinary wizard, Marcia Overstrand, under whom he must study for seven years and a day before he can take over her position. What challenges and adventures must he face along the way? Buy: Septimus Heap Novels

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  1. My son completely bypasses the scary, gorey stuff; he won’t give Goosebumps a second glance. He’s read
    Hardy Boys, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, though. Will have to suggest the Septimus Heap to him. Thanks!

  2. I wouldn’t look at Goosebumps either myself, or gory stuff in general, it’s not my thing, but other boys (and girls) have liked the series a lot.

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