5 Free or Discounted Things to Do with Your Library Card


by First Mate Keira

Did you know there’s more you can do with a library card other than check books and movies out? Depending on where you live and what your library and county (and state) programs are there are five other things a library card is good for!

1. Museum Passes:

You can get free or discounted museum passes with a library card. It works two ways.

The first is the library holds the pass and you check it out like a book or movie. This pass will get you in at the museum, but you must remember to return it back to the library when you’re done using it. Be sure to pick it up early in the morning because passes go quickly.

The second method is to flash the museum your library card. When you do, the sales clerk with ring you up appropriately. You might need a library card per person in order for the free passes or discount to apply to all ticket purchases.

2. Public Transportation Passes:

You can get free passes on public transportation by presenting a library card. I’ve heard of free bus transportation and discounted subway passes. Be sure to double check in your area before assuming you can just hop on and get a free ride.

3. Zoo Passes:

Like with museums, you can get free or discounted entrance into zoos in your area by taking your library card with you. Most of the time I hear it’s a one time deal, but it’d be a great way to spend an afternoon and if you really like your local or city zoo be sure to get a season pass to keep your future costs down.

4. State Park Passes:

Some state parks offer free or discounted admission certain times of the year when you bring a book or library card with you. Enjoy your time outdoors and pack a picnic!

5. Entertainment Passes:

Sometimes you can even go see performances likes plays, shows, music festivals, even go to the movies, etc. for a far cheaper price with a library card. Keep an eye out for such announcements and don’t be afraid to ask if you’re unsure.

Remember, the availability of these discounts or freebies on activities depends solely on where you live and the places you wish to go. Be sure to call ahead and see if they offer Free Library Cardholder Days before heading out just in case they don’t. Also check with your library to see where they’re partnering. Sometimes they even display flyers and posters with information about free activities you and your family can do together.

Image source: http://arthur.wikia.com/wiki/D.W.’s_Library_Card_(episode)

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know this! I will definitely be checking that out, to see if museums or parks in our area offer these discounts. Thanks for posting!

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