by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Plenty of kids that I know find the library to be intimidating. I know that it’s not the case at all. Perhaps this is because my sister over the past few years has ensured regular visits. It’s not unexpected to find us there everyday after school. Libraries are not places of dead silence or bat-like librarians who hover menacingly in the background. With those little myths busted here are five great reasons to head to your nearest library pronto!

  1. Plenty to Choose From. Libraries usually have any kind of book you could possibly desire. Interested in fantasy, science fiction, romance, or horror? The library has it!
  2. Help on Hand. If you can’t find a certain book, a library has librarians. Use them! They’re there to help you. Just go ask for help instead of leaving empty handed.
  3. Closer Than a Store. I fully except that this might not be true in all cases but in my particular case the library is closer to home than a bookstore. It’s easy to get to and hassle-free.
  4. Read and Return. If you’re like me you don’t have a very big allowance. Going to a library is cheaper than buying books, especially if you’re not sure you like them yet. You only pay money to a library if you forget to keep up with your due dates, but even so overdue fees are cheaper than the cost of a book.
  5. Activities. There’s so much going on at a library besides the books on the shelves. Most have wi-fi, movie rental, games, computers to work/play on, and events. My library just polled on what us kids would like to do for a Twilight themed party. How cool is that? I’m way excited! I hope we do the spaghetti dinner and art show.

So how about it? Will you go?