5 Reasons Why I Pick Up a Library Book


by Captain Lyaf Yarr

I was talking to my sister the other day in the library as we were looking at books and she wondered what made me pick up certain books as opposed to others. Now my reasons might be the same as yours but I thought I would elaborate anyway. Here are my top five reasons for picking up and checking out library books. Or any book for that matter.

  1. Book Cover. What’s the first thing you see when you look at a book, but the cover? When I’m in a library I go for the books with pretty book covers and I equate cool covers with good books.
  2. Book Title. The title of a book is also very important for checking out purposes. A bland title is less likely to go home with me. It’s pretty obvious a catchy title is going to grab my attention and shout, “Get your card and check me out!”
  3. Back Blurb. If I’m not sure about the book after the cover and title I read the back or inside jacket of a book. If it sounds neat I’m prepared to try the book. If it sounds less than interesting it goes right back on the shelf.
  4. Friend Recommendation. Most of my friends are not likely to read books, sad as it is, so if they recommend a book I am definitely going to go check it out. Anything my best friend recommends is on my auto-checkout list. 😀
  5. Librarian Recommendation. If I’m completely stuck and unsure where to look for good books, I do one of two things. First I quickly scan the librarian staff favorite shelf for any young adult titles. If none are there or if I’ve read them already I go ask the librarian behind the kids desk for some titles to consider. Librarians are very friendly and helpful!

So was I right, was my reasons the same as yours would be? Go ahead and tell me in the comments!

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  1. Great list, sis!

    I do all those and add Blogger recommendations. 🙂

    Pretty covers are my number one reason to pick a book off a shelf. That’s why it’s so important to have fantastic covers and to get them displayed prominently in libraries/stores. More visibility and more visual impact the better!

    It’s that… “Ooo shiny!” factor. 😀

  2. I think some you have to add genre as some stuff I just skip right by.

    After that author, as I know a writer who produces one good book is more likely to give me another good read than someone at random.

    then back blurb.

    Then friend recc.

    then cover.

  3. That’s true. I’d definitely skip over horror and crime, whereas YA, Romance, and light mystery I tear through like crazy.

    As for Authors – yes and no. I think it’s a good assumption that the author will produce again, but I never get a book without first reading the back blurb and that could easily turn me away from checking out or purchasing.

  4. CaptainYarr

    I should have thought of genre and author! Thanks Aaron! I definitely check out sequels and prequels too, but like Keira I read the back blurb first to double check.

  5. Susan S.

    Great post Captain Yarr,
    See, my library is on to me! They have several tables of books to buy, and guess what’s directly next to those sale books? romance novels to check out. I can see the romance covers, as I’m walking to the sale table. They’re great strategists! Not to mention the only place I like to sit,read, and study, has YA books next to where I sit. So again, I can see the book covers.

  6. CaptainYarr

    Yes libraries know about our consumer habits. At my library there’s a whole shelf with sale books that are mostly romance novels… my sister is always grabbing a few. lol

  7. Yes I’d say mine’s about the same. I’ve never actually asked a librarian for a suggestion but the displays they put out always have me picking up a book.

    • I do it all the time. I go to the reference desk and chat up the librarians there. If one of them is reading I totally ask them about the book they’ve got. It’s how I found out some great reads for Harry Potter withdrawal. I can’t believe there’s only one movie left…. what will we do with ourselves then?!

  8. Donna Matthews

    Library books especially non-fiction gives me lots of information for my homework, and assists me with my grammar.

    • I found out the other day that one of my adult friends checks out nonfiction books on subjects he’s interested in from the juvenile and YA sections of the library because the topics are presented in a more succinct fashion. Who has time to read a 400+ page book on history when there’s an equally good shorter piece using layman terms and organized for fast understanding? I thought was very smart. If you find you like the topic enough you can always go and check out the 400+ page book next.

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