by Captain Lyaf Yarr and First Mate Keira

Most kids need motivation to start let alone finish a book. I’m going to share tips with on how to set and reach reading goals. I hope they help you!

  1. Required Reading for School: When you get a new book divide that book into how many days you have to read it in. Put sticky notes or index cards or bookmarks to mark those sections. Then read one section a day and read all the pages in that section. Pretty soon, before you know it, you’ve read the whole book. Congrats! Extra tip: be sure to start well before report is due! No stress that way.
  2. Reading More Books: First, decide how many books you want read in a week or a month. Now refer to tip one and figure out how many days in the week/month you have for each book. Be sure to start and finish your books within the time frame you figured out so you can reach your goal. You can even use this idea for a yearly book reading goal!
  3. Daily Reading: Set aside time in your day for reading. When this time comes, stop what you’re doing and read. I suggest setting aside an hour of reading time for when you first wake up or before going to bed. By reading every day you’re not going to forget anything about the book and have to start it over or backtrack and waste time.
  4. Listening to Books: Audio books are a great nook and cranny way of fitting in more books. You can listen to them while cleaning your room, when riding around in a car, while exercising, and simply hanging out at home. However you can fit it in is great just make sure you’re doing something where you can listen and pay attention.
  5. Nook and Cranny Reading: Read whenever you have a chance. Carry a book with you in your backpack, purse, bag, carrying case, whatever, just make sure you have one! There are so many places to read and many moments of time you can snatch for reading. For example: you can read in a car trip, when you are in line for something, before class starts and even before you go to bed.

Now that I have told you some of my tips for reading goals tell me yours. What do you do?