6 Reasons Why I Like to Read


by Captain Lyaf Yarr

There are lots of books, authors, publishing houses, libraries, and readers out there! That’s because many people like to read. Everybody likes to read for different reasons.

Here’s six reasons why I like to read:

  1. Reading allows me to enter into new worlds and new lives. I can be in Middle Earth or in Scotland going to a wizarding school. I can be a girl learning to be a princess or I can be a boy lost in the wilderness. I can enter these worlds and see them through the eyes of the characters any time and it’s never boring.
  2. When you read it increases you vocabulary and you sound smarter. If you listen to audio books you’ll be able to pronounce these new words without even thinking about it. I like that!
  3. It’s fun and enjoyable see other point of views. I will never be able to guess what an author or character will do because I would do them differently. I wouldn’t have it any other way or reading would be boring!
  4. Books contain useful and important information. You can learn things in fiction as easily as you can learn things from school books and non-fiction literature. Authors do lots of research to make their worlds accurate and interesting.
  5. I get to see the big picture. As the reader I sometimes get to see things the characters don’t see. I also know their story is finite- there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. Most times it’s happy, even when it looks dark for the main character. That’s good to know!
  6. Reading is something to do. I can read when friends are busy, when there’s nothing else to do, and sometimes even when there’s other things to do!

I’ve shared my reasons now tell me yours! Why do you like to read?

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  1. Great post Captain L.,

    I read to unwind from a hard day at work, to read that happily ever after, or go on a journey I may never take in real life. To become characters with magical powers, to fly, converse with talking animals, find gold, and live in different countries or universes. It transports me away from the contemporary, and into the imagination.
    Translation: I Love Reading! (LOL)

  2. I agree! I also read after school like you read after work it’s a great way to relax. I like going to imaginary worlds. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres too.

  3. Reading is relaxing for me. Also, because I get so many interruptions, I can pick up where I left off (sort of like needlework.)

    It’s better than working all the time!

  4. Exactly! I love to read right before going to bed and as soon as I wake up. It’s relaxing and a great way to start the day or end it. Reading is personal “me” time.

  5. Bhakti Mehta

    I read to ease off a hard day. I like to read because I enjoy getting tangled with the stories.

  6. CaptainYarr

    I agree with all of you! Reading is a fun and relaxing pastime. I have fallen asleep listening to audio books at night because they’re so soothing. 😀

  7. You have fallen asleep on audio books – I fall asleep mid page if I read too late at night, which I do, often. Grin. 😀 How about that tired eye feeling?

  8. Michelle

    I like to read because I love traveling to other places and times. It’s like getting to be a silent observer of other people’s lives. I don’t need anti-depressants , I just read.

  9. lizardking

    I definitely agree with all of you! Books allow me to be third person to the lives of both famous and infamous people that have put a mark on our human history. Books take me on a journey through a wicked world like in 1984 by Orwell. And best of all (to me) books take me into a world infested with zombie’s, and tell of the tales of ordinary people trying to stay alive and survive the zombie infestations. Good reading to all!

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