by Captain Lyaf Yarr and Second Mate Embry

Have you ever read a book that you feel like you absolutely can’t finish and you stop reading it? For us that’s a definite yes! We even have a category here at Literature Young Adult Fiction called DNF (Did Not Finish) where we share books that we started and stopped. These are just six reasons why we choose to put down a book and stop reading:

  1. If this books reading level is too high or too low for us. Such as having too many big words. When we can’t understand what’s going on that’s when we put the book down. Or conversely if the plot or characters are too immature or stupid. We’ll stop reading then too.
  2. We stop reading a book if the topic is too weird, gross, or inappropriate. Why keep reading if your just gonna be annoyed by it? Or made uncomfortable?
  3. If we literally fall asleep while we’re reading because the book is so boring. When we wake up we’re starting a new and hopefully more interesting book. (This reason only counts if we didn’t start reading at bedtime.)
  4. We stop reading a book when it is poorly written, well written but dry,  all over the place, confusing, or uninteresting.
  5. When we read books we usually like to relate to the characters in some way. If we can’t, we stop.
  6. If it takes too long to get started, to grab my attention, or never seems to get to the point, we’ll stop reading.

Unless if we absolutely have to read an uninteresting book, like an assignment for school, we will quit a book as soon as we stop enjoying it.

Why do you decide to put down a book and stop reading it? Comment and tell us!