7 Reasons Why Kids Should Read


by Captain Lyaf Yarr

A lot of kids I know don’t like to read. They say “why should I read? It’s just a waste of time!” I firmly believe kids should read and not just because I like to do so. Here are my top 7 reasons why kids should read.

1. Kids should read because it improves their vocabulary. Don’t believe? Keep an eye out for a post on how Twilight can do that in the near future. Are you thinking you learn vocab in school, so why learn more? Your vocabulary improves faster by reading than if you didn’t and you not only are smarter you sound it too.
2. Reading saves energy. It’s true! If you choose to read over watching television or playing video games you’re saving energy that you would be wasting. So read or pick something that doesn’t waste any electricity.
3. Reading also helps you with other skills such as visualizing. Use that imagination!
4. Kids should read because they will learn interesting, and useful information for an assignments or for fun. For example: books are always my first choice for writing papers. I have learned how fireworks were invented, all about the earth’s layers, Claude Monet, and much much more.
5. Reading helps kids write better. For example you could say, “The cat ran up the tall tree because she was scared;” or “The cat scurried up the towering tree because she was frightened.” Now which one do you think is most interesting? If you guessed the second one you are correct!
6. Reading provides characters as role models and teach kids about social situations too. Let’s say there’s a bully at school and a kid is having trouble with this bully. That kid then reads Harry Potter and stand up for himself like Harry does to Malfoy. Neat!
7. My seventh and final reason why kids should read is because, it sets an example for other kids. I love to read, it makes me sad to think a lot of kids are missing out on the stories that have made such an impact on me. So grab your library card and go book browsing!

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  1. I love to see my kids read.

    # 8 If you are reading, your mom will likely cut you some slack with chores! ’tis true.

  2. #9 Reading can be taken anywhere at anytime. You can read at home, at school, on a bus, in line, while waiting, etc. A book is easy to carry and take with you and with a book you can never be bored!

  3. Donna Matthews

    Reading keeps an individual informed, and can save lives.

  4. I love to read. I enjoy it so much. Most of my friends don’t, but I always have a book in my school bag

  5. Brenda Green

    Hi There

    I have just finished reading to my son a Amazon Kindle book called ‘Four Wheeled Hero’ by Malcolm Brown based around a young boy named Tommy who is wheelchair bound and his best mate Smithy. Every night I would read him one chapter before he went to bed, and he could hardly wait for bedtime to come to hear the next. The book is very funny as well as having a story line that keeps you glued to the book from start to finish. As a mother it was wonderful to see his face as we worked our way through the chapters, watching the enjoyment and excitement he showed as the two boys followed their quest. I have added a couple prints from the book that can explain it better than me. An excellent book for all children young and old.

    This is an Amazon Kindle Book and if anyone cannot afford to buy the Kindle Tablet then go onto the Amazon Kindle Book web page where you will find a free kindle app available to download onto PC’s mobile phones etc. This app gives you all of the Kindle Tablet program to allow you the get your copy of Four Wheeled Hero as well as thousands of other titles, some free of charge.

    Best Regards

    Brenda Green

    This exciting adventure story for children will have all lovers of traditional fantasy ‘boy hero’ tales on the edge of their seats until the final word.

    The story has two young teenage heroes, Tommy and Smithy. But this is a children’s fantasy adventure story with a difference because one of the heroes, Tommy, is confined to a wheelchair following a terrible accident.

    The story begins when Tommy is sent a magical stone from his Uncle Bill who is on an expedition in the Brazilian Rain Forest. Bill was given the stone by a village chieftain after he saved his son’s life. He was told that the stone had magical powers so he sent it to Tommy for his stone collection.

    But it turned out to be much more ‘valuable’ than for inclusion in the stone collection for, a couple of days later, Tommy’s father, who is the manager of the local bank, is kidnapped by robbers when they realise that the alarm system has been set and they have to wait until Monday when it would allow the vault to be opened.

    When Tommy and Smithy decide to try to track the robbers down the real power of the magic stone is revealed. This power is that when Tommy thinks of something the stone makes it happen so the robbers are in for some real surprises as Tommy’s wheelchair develops some very unusual and effective weapons and powers. So, with the help of Smithy’s cat, Tiger, who more than lives up to his name, the robbers are taught a lesson they certainly don’t expect.

    This is an exuberant and exciting children’s adventure that will appeal to young and old alike.

  6. Some more reasons why kids must read:
    Hope you find this helpful.

  7. All books are great I’m 14 and love to read

  8. As a first grade teacher, I felt my job was to teach children how to read, but, most importantly, TO LOVE TO READ. These are great reasons why! Hope lots of parents/kids read this 🙂

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