Disclosure: In March 2015, Keira Gillett, the owner of this blog, self-published her first book in the middle grade / YA genre.

MGYA and Romance Genres Reviewed:

We love Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Romance. We are equal opportunists for these three genres. We can’t review every book, but we love to try. Books are accepted for review based solely on openings and reviewer preferences.

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All readers are encouraged to become members of the LYAF team! Shoot me an e-mail at loverompass@gmail.com if you can be become a regular (once a week) or semi-regular (a few times a month) contributor.

Finding Books to Read:

All posts, and especially the reviews, are highly categorized to help you find the type of books you love to read. You can find books by author last name, review rating, MGYA and Romance sub-genre, character types, plot devices, tropes, and more.

Free Books:

If you can’t commit to being a regular reviewer you can still get free books without any obligations. LYAF hosts many giveaways for print and digital MGYA novels. You can find out about these opportunities by going to the category contests. You will almost always find them in author interviews and author guest blogs. So drop on by and leave a comment!

FTC Transparency:

A: If it looks like an ad or sale link, it is. Literature Young Adult Fiction runs several affiliate advertisers including but not limited to: Commission Junction, Amazon, Ebay, and ShareAShale. Under the new FTC guidelines for blogger transparency I want to make it perfectly clear that Literature Young Adult Fiction receives free Advance Review Copies and books from several authors and publishers. While we have an ARC category to easily separate and distinguish these books from regular purchases or library borrowing, please assume unless explicitly stated otherwise that every book on this blog was given to the reviewer by the publisher or author and was kept as compensation. Thank you!


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