Applauding the Romance Publishers


by Susan Sigler, guest blogger

I’d like to take a moment to applaud the following publishers. Not only do they publish the greatest books ever, but they offer wonderful discounts, sponsor contests, most keep up blogs, and many have Yahoo groups. It goes without saying, authors work extremely hard to bring us beautiful stories with their imaginative plots, but credit should be given to those behind the scenes to publish the author’s vision. So without further ado, here are ten publishing sites I visit regularly. I hope many of you will visit, and it’s my wish you will win their contests or find new authors that peak your interest.

Publisher #1 St. Martin’s Press

2 of their authors- Sherrilyn Kenyon and Cherry Adair.

Publisher #2 Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Samhain has monthly ebook and print contests.

Publisher #3 Sourcebooks, Inc.

Sourcebooks has special offers and great discounts, beautiful Jane Austen E-cards to send to friends and family. They also have authors Amelia Grey, Carolyn Brown, and others.

Publisher #4 Ravenous Romance has a free short story, discounted books and audio books. Two of their many authors- Isabel Roman and Cecilia Tan.

Publisher #5 Harlequin has publishers like Mills & Boon, Harlequin, Silhouette, MIRA, and Steeple Hill. Harlequin offers Free Book Fridays and gave us 16 free books to celebrate Harlequin’s 60th anniversary, aren’t they divine?

Publisher #6 Loose-Id is an erotic romance e-publisher With authors like Cheryl Dragon, Marie Harte, Ann Lory and Moira Rogers, is it any wonder we love them.

Publisher #7 Kensington Publishing Corp. they have contests. Listen to these authors: Delta Dupree, Heather Graham, Devyn Quinn, Lynsay Sands, and Sasha White.

Publisher #8 Ellora’s Cave has free short story reads and authors like Jaci Burton, Tracy Cooper-Posey, and Marie Treanor.

Publisher #9 The Wild Rose Press has free reads and the author J.L. Wilson.

Publisher #10 Hachette Book Group (HBG) has approximately 9 publishing groups with links to contests you can enter. One of the authors they publish for is Jennifer Haymore, remember A Hint of Wicked? If you enjoyed it, thank HBG.

This is not a comprehensive list it’s a summary, there are many other publishers I’m not familiar with and therefore didn’t mention. Please note, due to limited space and time constraints, I did not name the many hundreds upon hundreds of authors they publish. I simply made reference to my favorites, and the ones I believe you’d recognize upon reading.

If you can enlighten me with other publishers, by all means tell me. I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. I confess to having never looked at a publisher’s site for giveaways! I receive Random House emails for work but to look for giveaways? I’m scouring my emails now!!

    And just as an aside…my short story, Shadow State, will be in The Wild Rose Press’s Got Wolf? anthology releasing October 16. 🙂

  2. I enter Samhain’s contest every single month without fail. Thanks Isabel, for letting us know about your short story from The Wild Rose Press. 🙂 Random House is one I’ll be looking up. I know of them but haven’t visited, yet.

  3. Hi Susan:

    Nice basic list of publishers and their imprints you’ve got going there.

    I’m also published under Ellora’s Cave’s Cerridwen Press imprint, Medallion Press, and Turnstone Press, amongst others.



  4. Thank you Tracy! I’ll be sure to add those to my list and to look them up immediately. 🙂 Your input is always welcomed.

  5. I’m really interested in free books right now. My Kindle should arrive tomorrow for me to begin playing with.

  6. Susan, in your emails you’re always talking about author yahoo groups. You should tell us more about that!

  7. Karin I guarantee you will love that Kindle!
    Check the Kindle blog daily for any free reads, search for those Harlequin 60th Anniversary e-books, Snowbound by Janice Kay Johnson was beautiful. You can use it anywhere, downloads new books within mere seconds. Remember to bookmark your page. Real easy-click menu button and scroll down until it underlines add a bookmark, then press button. You’ll see. (LOL)

  8. (Susan laughs)
    Keira I’ll add it to my To-do list, I do enjoy Yahoo Groups.

  9. Hi Susan

    Thanks for this – it’s easy to overlook the Publishers who make it all happen. I’ve three stories published with The Wild Rose Press, plus a ‘freeread’ fantasy ‘A Bargain With Death.’ They have a Yahoo group for readers and authors and hold the occasional contest – prizes in the past have included a Sony E-reader.

  10. Hywela thanks for telling us about being with Wild Rose Press. I’ll have to add your name to my future list, for authors that are out of this world. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the heads up about the publishers.

  12. Nice list –

    I am a visitor to at least 82 percent of those and I agree – very well maintained sites and blogs..


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