the time paradoxReviewed by First Mate Keira

Title: Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox, Book 6
Author: Eoin Colfer
Narrator: Enn Reitel
# CDs / Minutes: 8 CDs (9 hours, 54 minutes)
Format: Unabridged Compact Disc
Grade Reading Level: 6.2; Ages 10-17

Audio Clip Preview:

Summary: Artemis’ mother is sick and fairy magic just makes it worse. There’s only one cure and it’s extinct due to actions of a young Artemis. Time travel is the only way to save his mother. Blackmail and fear hyping gets Artemis the chance he needs and now as the paradox unravels around his ears, Artemis has to outwit several bad guys and one truly exceptional mastermind… himself.

Why I Started This Book:

I started this audio book because it’s the last of the Artemis Fowl books to date. I didn’t realize until after I picked it up and started playing it that it was narrated by a different reader. I wonder why they did that? Reitel is not a bad reader, he’s just not capable of replicating Parker’s voices. Parker read for five books. Why did he not read this one? It doesn’t make sense to me. Jim Dale read all of the Potter books, it just seems obvious to continue with the same reader in a series.


  • “Right now his future was escaping with his past.”
  • Enn Reitel does a pretty good job with young and adult Artemis voices. You can hear the difference and it took me a while to realize it was another narrator to begin with when I first started the story.
  • Holly kissed Artemis! Woo!
  • This adventure leads young Artemis Fowl to the start of the series… on the hunt for fairies and a way to make up the Fowl financial losses.


  • Artemis Fowl’s mother sickness and the dwelling of it and devotion of a lot of pages to it. I hate reading about sickness, even worse is listening to it. The less said the better.
  • Enn Reitel’s Foaly is nasal. Sooo weird after 5 novels without it. Bulter’s voice is like a slow person and it’s a bit off putting because Bulter is smart.
  • Opal is a sulky whiney misfit. Honestly, I can’t stand her!

Last minute thoughts: Artemis Fowl’s mother retains her memories. I’m kind of indifferent to it. She now knows about fairies and magic and that Artemis has been messing around. She forces Artemis to be completely honest with her about what he’s been up to.

The Time Paradox (Audio Book), The Time Paradox (hardback)

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Book Rating: 3 Treasure Chests


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