Audio Review: Eclipse (Twilight, Book 3) by Stephenie Meyer


by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: Eclipse
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Format: Audio
Narrator: Ilyana Kadushin
# CD’s + Minutes: 13 Cd’s (16 hours and 23 minutes)
Grade Reading Level: Grades 9-12

Summary: Edward must face the consequences of him leaving in New Moon. That consequence is Jacob Black.  There is an uncomfortable love triangle between himself, Bella, and Jacob. Edward’s and Jacob’s rivalry can’t last forever though. They must find a truce and work together to save the girl they both love from an army of newborns.

Why I Started the Book:

I started this book because I enjoyed reading the first two and I wanted to know what happened next!


  • I liked reading this book as an audio book. I got a lot done I was cleaning my room, writing posts and doing my homework while I was listening.
  • I liked the part when Jacob kisses Bella and she punches his face but breaks her hand. Then Jacob gets threatened by Edward. Jealous boys are too much fun.
  • I like how this book wasn’t just about Edward and Bella or just about Jacob and Bella. It was mixed!


  • Ilyana Kadushin is not how I pictured Bella. I’m not sure she’s the right reader for this series. Her Edward Cullen wasn’t very good and kind of ruins him as a character.
  • Why does Jacob think that the first kiss he gave Bella was a good one? I mean seriously? Bella breaks her hand trying to stop him and he thinks that it was a good kiss? Boy is stupid.

Last Minute Thoughts: After reading this book it makes me curious if I’m team Edward or team Jacob. What are you and why?

Eclipse is my favorite book out of the series… so far anyway. I can’t wait to find out the ending. I wonder if I read this book instead of listened to it if I would like it better.

Buy: Eclipse (Paperback), Entire Twilight Saga Unabridged CD Package (4 audio books), Eclipse (Spanish Edition), The Twilight Saga Collection in Hardback (Books 1-4)

Book Rating: I give this book 4 Treasure Chests! I enjoyed this book very much and I’m going to read Breaking Dawn as soon as possible. I’m itching to know what happens.

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  1. I agree! This book made me question what side I was on, but I have to go with team jacob because i think that he truly loves bella for her, not her scent. Great review, as always.

    • I’m still firmly Team Edward as Captain Yarr knows – though I do wish he hadn’t left her in book 2. I like angst so I still enjoyed it but I think it was a pretty dumb move to try to force her out of love. Eclipse had so many things that I enjoyed… Bella’s right hook to Jacob’s face, their slumber party / proposal sequence, the fight with Victoria, Edward’s reaction at the end in the meadow with “Deal’s off” – way hot. I wish the movie was written there the same way the book was. I had been really looking forward to it.

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