Reviewed by First Mate Keira

Title: The Alchemyst
Author: Michael Scott
Format: Audio Book
Narrator: Denis O’Hare
Listening Length: 10 hours and 5 minutes
Grade Reading Level: Ages 12-15

Summary: Sophia and Josh, fraternal twin siblings, get dragged into a world of alchemy and sorcery when it turns out Josh was working for Nicholas Flamel in the man’s bookshop. There’s an evil scheming bad guy, who answers to evil magical and power hungry species (read not-human) called Elders. When Dee (evil bad guy who is human) steals the Codex (book of super awesome alchemy) from Nick (who got rusty, even though he’s suppose to be in charge of guarding the world against evil…) and kidnaps Nick’s wife, Nick knows he must act quickly because if he doesn’t, he and his wife will die.

Why I started this book:

This book was recommended by many in my 42 Books to Read if You Love Harry Potter post.

Why I quit this book:

I quit this book for multiple reasons. Chief among them was that I wasn’t drawn into Denis O’Hare’s reading. It was too dry for me and I quickly became bored with the story as a direct result.

Secondly, the kids were completely unexceptional all their lives with zero hints of magical what-what and bingo they have “special gold and silver auras” and Nicholas is finagling to get goddess Hecate to stimulate their magic into being? Um no. That does not work for me.

Also Josh says some dumb stuff which is plain annoying.

Lastly, I quit the book because I just wasn’t interested in the storyline like I thought I would be. I felt alienated by the multiple POV focus. I wasn’t drawn to a single character’s narration of events and that sunk the book in the end.

Rating: DNF