Audio Review: The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson, Book 4) by Rick Riordan

battle of the labyrinth

by First Mate Keira, guest reviewer

Title: The Battle of the Labyrinth
Rick Riordan
Narrator: Jesse Bernstein
Format: Audio Book
# CDs + Minutes: 9 CDs (10 hours, 33 minutes)
Grade Reading Level:
6 – 8 Grade.

Summary: Annabeth finally gets her own quest and she’s breaking all the rules. If 3 is a powerful number, surely 4 is better? Tyson, Percy, Grover and Annabeth are off to find Daedalus in the Labyrinth. They need to ensure his aid of Camp Half-Blood as Luke is gathering more forces to march on the demigod camp. Can they avoid an epic battle?

Why I Started This Book:

Because it’s book four in the series, of course. I’m very glad I got this audio book and the next (final) one from the library at the same time. No waiting! Pure back-to-back enjoyment.


  • That Annabeth, Percy, Tyson, and Grover all go on a quest together. I really liked seeing the gang head off to fight and conquer together. Nobody was lost and needed rescuing (e.g. Grover book 2, Annabeth book 3.)
  • The Labyrinth. It’s very cool and beats Harry Potter’s maze in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire hands down. You have dirt floors, underground sewers, aqueducts, great marble halls, skylights, and more. The maze is living and growing how it pleases.
  • The Telchines, while being particularly loathsome monsters are the ones that made Poseidon’s trident. That’s pretty cool. I looked them up on Wikipedia and they’re said to be “excellent metallurgists” and to have raised Poseidon. I wonder if they’ll be an important part of the final book. Maybe be redeemed, as they were exiled in the first place for turning against the Olympian gods.
  • There’s a really sweet sequence with Calypso on the island of Ogygia. She’s important in Greek mythology for trying to waylay Odysseus on his way home and by wanting to marry him. Anyway, she’s a nice (Titan?) person and falls in love with Percy. I really liked what Percy said about her as he said goodbye, calling her his biggest what if.
  • Kronos/Chronus and Luke. I’m not telling, but it’s pretty darn wicked and a bit scary. I liked it a lot and I wonder how Luke is going to mess things up for Kronos in the end or if he will pull a Draco Malfoy.


  • Hera. Honestly, no wonder Zeus is not a god of marriage. She’s all about her perfect little family and is not happy to have anything or anyone not fit in just so.
  • How many times this novel had someone say to the questing kids “you know the answers… just think about it.” Really irksome.
  • Ethan – Evan – whoever he is, Jesse Bernstein does this super awesome voice for the guy but the character’s a nimrod. He’s the son of the god Nemesis and literality is the last piece of the puzzle.
  • The Triple G Ranch pit-stop on the way to find Hephaestus’ workshop. Flesh eating horses and manure clean-up? Yummy.

Last Minute Thoughts: Nico di Angelo is growing up but at times he can be trying. I do think his powers are pretty fantastic and I feel sorry that because he’s the son of Hades he isn’t likely to be accepted by anyone. I hope he and Percy somehow cement a strong friendship.

Buy: The Battle of the Labyrinth (Audio Book), The Battle of the Labyrinth (Paperback), Percy Jackson and the Olympians Hardcover Boxed Set (Books 1 – 5)

Book Rating: 4 Treasure Chests.

Keira runs a book review blog for readers by readers on romance novels entitled Love Romance Passion. She’s been reading romance since she was in her teens and began blogging about romance so she could share her passion for her favorite genre. She loves reading paranormal, Regency, historical America, and highlander most of all and completely adores blind and wounded heroes.

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  1. What?!? You let a little horsey poop set you back. Just imagine the mess the Party Ponies must leave behind 😀

    Great review. I’ve read the book, but now I’ll probably go get the tape now.

  2. Apparently! lol I shudder to think of the Party Pony clean up! 😀 Yes, Jesse Bernstein is an amazing reader, you should definitely try it out in audio! Let me know what you think when you do!

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