• Edward Cullen

Boy Type: Aloof Artist

Edward Cullen is the gorgeous aloof boy who sits with a select group of people at lunch. He keeps to himself and has a fantastic brooding expression that simply makes the girls drool. He’s into music: listening to it, playing it, and creating it. On top of all that he’s a vampire and that gives him the bad boy edge. Can we say swoon?


  • Jacob Black

Boy Type: Mr. Fix-It

Jacob Black is the ultimate handyman. The place you’re likely to find him is the family garage as he loves cars and spends all his time, efforts, and money fixing them up. In fact, Bella’s truck is just one of his pet projects. Jacob is good at fixing more than just cars– he can fix problems and people too. Must be his warm and fuzzy nature. His friendship with Bella is what brings her out of the dark in New Moon.


  • Mike Newton

Boy Type: Guy Next Door

Mike Newton is the boy next door. His life is pretty easy. He has good friends, a good family, a good entry level job, and good looks. He can be pretty bright too and make smart observations. He wishes Bella would give him the time of day. He’s persistent to a point and yields defeat when it’s apparent things won’t be changing.


  • Eric Yorkie

Boy Type: Sweet Nerd

Eric Yorkie is on the school newspaper, part of the yearbook staff, and on prom committee. He’s active and smartly dressed, a little dorky, but that’s all part of his charm. He’s not used to asking girls out and misses his chance more than once. Perhaps all he needs is a little nerd girl loving!


  • Tyler Crowley

Boy Type: Popular Jock

Tyler Crowley is the popular jock. He’s definitely into something athletic like basketball or football. Like Mike Newton, it’s not hard for him to find a date, unless it’s expecting that date to be Bella. Tyler is a flirt and very outgoing. If it isn’t his muscles flashing, it’s his shiny car as it comes toward you.

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