Blog Hopping Mania


by Susan S., guest blogger

For the newbies, blog hopping is when you jump from one blog site to another. This should not be confused with bar hopping; which you did in college. All right I’ll rewrite, which is what we did in college. (Hangs head in shame)
Blog hopping mania on the other hand, happens when our TBV (To Be Visited) list expands at an alarming rate.
Before you ask, no this is not found in the DSM-IV and is not a personality nor is it a psychiatric disorder.

You have blog hopping mania if:

  1. You lost count of how many blog contests you’ve entered in the past day, week or month.
  2. You’re receiving 10 invitations daily from publishers and authors to join their Yahoo Groups. This causes you to accept, and then follow their blogs, which leads you back to #1.
  3. Your toolbar is now refusing to add author blog sites onto your favorites list, refusing. Can you imagine? I’m also quite certain, the favorites overload warning isn’t part of BING, Google or MSN.

bunnyhopIt’s telling me, “I refuse to add these links onto your favorites.” “I have to draw the line sometime!” I wonder if that’s ever happened to you. Hmmm, maybe I should’ve bought the Toshiba instead. Anyway, if this sounds familiar, then you know just how much fun blog hopping can be. Oops, I have to check St.Martin’s Press blog, hope I win the Bad Moon Rising contest. Already visited TRS Book-a-day, got’a run over to TRS Summer.

(Susan leaves and all that can be heard is a hopping sound)

Photo Credits: San Diego Shooter

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  1. I definitely have blog hopping mania! I know because today I decided it was time to set my google reader up with all the blogs I like to read so I wouldn’t miss another update. Took forever and the final count is 75 blogs: 1 non-romance (Hi Sasha!) and 1 being LRP. 😀

  2. Ok, my blog list is larger than my TBR pile! However, I’m a part of different types of blogs. Everything from Precious Moms, Flickr, LRP, etc…

  3. Consider me a fellow hopper cute post.

  4. Susan S.

    Keira with 75, I think you’ve won the Blog Hopping Trophy! Congratulations:)

    Isabel hi ! I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with blogs unrelated to books. Good for you!

    Emy, hello fellow hopper. (Susan extends a carrot)

  5. I figured out Google reader and made a bundle of the romance blogs: Google Reader Romance Bundle You can subscribe to it and follow tons of blogs all at once!

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