Book Humor: Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games

A friend shared these with me… you know they are awesome!

I think I busted a gut laughing. Love it!

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  1. Hannah

    Omg buffy looks so young in that pic, I almost didn’t recognize her.

    That girl in the purple shaw- what’s all that about?

    • Kaitlyn

      That girl in the purple shaw is actually Damien from Mean Girls, he’s the one who yells “she doesn’t even go here!” at the assembly thing in that movie. Lol.

  2. She reads who becomes the tributes in Hunger Games, remember her from the movie?

  3. Oh no wait I see who you mean – probably some gangsta saying the thing at the bottom of the photo – or perhaps the person who made the image. No idea.

  4. I think thats supposed to be harry hiding.

  5. Maybe… but it doesn’t look like that. lol

  6. Danielle

    The person in the bottom shot, with the purple hoodie and the glasses? That’s a boy, from the Mean Girls movie…

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