Disclosure: In March 2015, Keira Gillett, the owner of this blog, self-published her first book in the middle grade / YA genre.

Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Romance Genres Reviewed:

We love MGYA and Romance! We can’t review every book, but we love to try. Books are accepted for review based solely on openings and reviewer preferences.

Small Press / Self-Published?

We consider small press and self-published works for review. Please do not submit a review request if the book is not for sale on Amazon. We must be able to link readers to your book. If a pre-order isn’t live, please wait until it is to send the request.

Advance Copies / Published Works:

We love advance review copies and previously published works. Please do not submit a book that has already been reviewed once on the site. If you have new cover art, send that to us instead. We will try to update the post, but there aren’t any guarantees. We understand advance review copies might contain uncorrected text and will take that into consideration with our review.

Wait Time:

We love reading and to keep reading fun, fresh, and exciting we don’t review on a schedule. It’s up to the reviewer. Sometimes a book is accepted and for various reasons a reviewer might decide to not review. It is at the reviewer’s discretion. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Review Ratings:

We do not guarantee a positive review of any book sent to us. We promise an honest opinion and rating for every book reviewed on this site. Be warned that our rating scale is 1 Treasure Chest to 5 Treasure Chests and your book can fall anywhere on it. All ratings are at the discretion of the reviewer. If you are worried about the possibility of receiving a negative review please do not ask for one at all.

Book Formats Accepted:

It depends upon the reviewer. Tell us which formats you can offer: ebook, print, or audio. We’ll let you know which one works for us.

Quoting the Review of Your Book:

We love that you love the review we wrote! Please credit the site when you quote us. Also, please link to the full review if you use more than a brief excerpt. We greatly appreciate your understanding.


Direct all requests to Keira at loverompass@gmail.com with the subject headline: Book Review Request. Please include in the body of the e-mail as many of the following as you can – Title, Author, Amazon Link, Publication Date, Subgenre, Page Count (if ebook), and Summary. Thank you!