Comparison Between Apple iPad and Kindle 3

by James Mowery, guest blogger

Since the release of the iPad, people have been making comparisons between it and Amazon’s e-reader device Kindle. When it comes to determining which device is “better,” an agreeable answer is not usually found. After all, each device is capable of unique functions; Apple’s iPad can browse the web, send email, and download hundreds of apps, while Amazon’s Kindle (and newly announced Kindle 3) is considered to be the strongest e-reader on the market. So which device is, well, better?

The announcement of Amazon’s new Kindle 3 has brought this question back into the public forum, and the answer still remains that it depends heavily upon what you are looking for in a device. For those who are looking only for an e-reader, Amazon’s Kindle 3 costs only a fraction of Apple’s $500 iPad at $140, and is considered to be the superior device when it comes to reading purposes. That said, it is incapable of most of the functions that the iPad boasts, such as web browsing, apps, email and more. The iPad is certainly more expensive, but is a far more powerful machine. Add to this the fact that you can download Amazon’s Kindle for iPad in the app store, and for those with the extra money on hand, the iPad certainly begins to look like the right choice.

So in the end, it really comes down to what you’re looking for in the device. If you want a solid e-reader for a fair price, Amazon’s Kindle 3 may be the superior option. Alternatively, the iPad will give those who can afford to spend the extra money an experience like no other.

About the author: James Mowery is a computer geek that writes about technology and related topics. To read more blog posts by him, go to laptop computers.

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  1. Estella

    I think the Kindle 3 and the Ipad have way too many extras on them for reading books.

  2. I love my iPhone so I’m already in camp Apple. But battery life is a big issue for me. And my eyes have been tired lately, so screen size/resolution/readability are also key issues. Perhaps more important than the battery life. My decision won’t be between the iPad and Kindle but between Kindle, Nook, and Sony.

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