Do You Listen to Music When You Read?

reading with musicI’m not a person generally inclined to play music while I read for pleasure. I find that it’s distracting and can pull me from the middle of a good book – either because I want to sing along or because commercials came on and are aggravating. Now when I do read for work or blogging, I find background noise to be very helpful. It gives me something to tune out while I give my attention to tasks like scheduling posts. How about you, when it comes to reading for pleasure what do you do?

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Now how about work/blogging, what’s your preference?

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If you picked the music option for pleasure reading or work related reading, tell me, what do you listen to? Is it mostly classical or instrumental or does it have jazzy beats and lyrics? I look forward to seeing you in the comments.

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  1. Hi, Keira,
    During baseball season, I listen to anything that has to do with the Phillies (I’m from Philadelphia). During “non-baseball” days, I listen to the Classic Rock/Oldies station and during this time of year, it’s the Christmas music station. Thanks for the post.

  2. I love music, so it is almost always on in my house. When I’m writing, I often listen to playlists I’ve constructed that relate to the characters and story I’m creating (all of these have lyrics, because the lyrics are what make the song relevant to my story). When I’m reading, I tend to listen to background music (sometimes new age/spa type) or acoustic singer/songwriter stuff. In both cases, the volume will be low so it isn’t distracting. Some of my favorite current songs include Sara Bareilles’s Brave, The Paper Kite’s Bloom, The Great Big World’s Say Something, and The Script’s I’m Yours. All of these have great themes and interesting phrasing. I think a good songwriter is like a great poet. They can say so much in under 300 words. Amazing!

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