Do You Read a Book While at Work?

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How many of you do this I wonder? I’m curious!

If you do read at work, do you sensor your reading? For instance do you bring an ereader with you so you can read your romance or erotica without commentary from the peanut gallery? I bring an ereader or an actual book – and I’ll show up with mantitty or extremely kiddy YA novels – and haven’t heard anything other than, “WOW! You read A LOT!” To which I respond, “Sure do! I run two book blogs. One on romance novels and one on YA books!”

As for when I read… well… I read at lunch where I work if I do. I find this to be a good time to pick up my latest read and squeeze in a few extra pages, but I don’t always crack a book. Sometimes it’s nice to be part of the conversation but I work in an all male field (well mostly, at least I’m the only female in my department at the moment…) so when the conversation turns to fart noises, poop screen savers, and bathroom humor I either laugh because it’s near the end of lunch or I finish quickly and hide behind a book. lol 🙂

What about you? Answer the poll and comment!

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  1. I read on the way to and from work, but never at work! Mainly because I know if I get lost in the pages of a good book my lunch break suddenly would become two hours long!

    Besides, if I read at work when would I blog hop! 😉

    How did I not know that you also have a YA blog?

    • @Marg – I read on the way to and from too! But since I drive (no public transportation where I live) my reading is audio book. 😀 Do you like YA?

      @Carla – I did that too when power was down once. lol I dived right in and didn’t resurface for over an hour when the electricity was finally restored.

  2. Carla F.

    I picked the “Only on Breaks” option. However, the other day, the power where the computer servers are kept went down (not my building), and I had no computer access. What else was I going to do but read!

  3. Never at work!

    • @Estella – lol How come? Are you the boss/your work is strict/you don’t want others to see your reading/none of the above?

  4. I’m really bad. Not only do I read on my commute and at lunch, I sometimes open up a pdf on my desktop and read while I’m “working”.

  5. Technically, I read a lot. Most of the time what I do doesn’t take a lot of concentration so I listen to audio books while I’m working. Sometimes I’m at the reception desk too and if it’s quiet I’ll pull out my book. I know the regular receptionist reads at the front desk all the time.

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