I don’t mean reading at school out of textbooks or for assignments. I wonder if anyone reads for fun, just fun, at school.

When I was in high school and college I always carried a book on me everywhere I went. In fact I still do. There’s sometimes even more than one in my bag and an audio book to listen to while commuting to and from work too!

I didn’t like wasting time at school (or in life). I was always finishing projects, homework, assignments, tests and the like before other students. Teachers then (and now I’m sure) frowned heavily on talking until most people had finished or until everybody was done depending on what was going on so instead of sitting there bored I pulled out a book and fell into exciting worlds.

Every moment of down time at school that wasn’t free to spend with friends (and sometimes even those if the book was particularly good) I was reading. I love reading and read voraciously. I got a lot of books read this way and was probably considered a bookworm by one and all, but that was a badge I wore proudly.

Are there any others like me out there? Do you read for fun while at school?

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Photo Credits: JeezyDeezy