Fantasy with a Dash of Romance

“Every age embraces the vampire it needs,” said Mike Deloney. Read on here.

The Top 3 Young Adult Books From 2008:

in no particular order…

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (vamps),

Brisingr by Christopher Paolini (dragons),

Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling (wizards).

What this means:

While it’s nearly impossible to be more formulaic than Paolini’s Inheritance Series, the key to big time success is to appeal to the group that rarely picks up a book unless forced… teens. If teens love your book, word of mouth will spread like wildfire.

How do you appeal to teens?

By combining a quest with finding true love. Don’t believe me? Look at the trend, it is obviously fantasy with a dash of romance. The element of fantasy is most needed, something to draw people out of the normal everyday world and into a new world. This is done literally in Paolini’s case and figuratively in Meyer and Rowling’s case because fantasy exists beside the normal world to the ignorance of the masses.

What romance?

Harry/Ginny (very little, confined to mostly book six)

Bella/Edward (the whole series is about them as a couple)

Eragon/Ayra (don’t shoot me I haven’t read the third one but this is where it looked like it was headed)

Now you’ve appealed to teens, but you can’t stop there…

It’s not enough to appeal only to teens. In order to achieve the kind of fame these three authors have had an aspiring author is going to have to appeal to both young and old, male and female. You do this through great inspiring writing by creating characters and a plot to grab our attention. In the end you must give us a lead to get behind, a purpose to support, and someone to fall in love with.

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  1. Don’t you think Twilight was the birth of a new writing style. I moved more towards a first person which was engaging.

  2. First person pov breaks the mold of the other two which are done in third person pov… maybe it’s time for a second person pov fantasy romance? lol

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