Get Bored While Reading? Kiss Boredom Goodbye in 6 Quick Steps

by First Mate Keira

Do you find yourself falling asleep while reading? Are you constantly bored during school assignments? Conquer your boredom and perk up with these six easy steps:

1. Take a Music Break.

Pick a song or two from your playlist and turn the volume up. Now get up sing, dance, and move around. Be wild and crazy and expend a lot of energy. When the songs are over, turn your music off and pick up your book again. You’ll be refreshed and excited.

2. Move to a New Location.

If you’re falling asleep get off the couch, off your bed, off that comfy chair and move. Wake yourself up by going somewhere else and setting up shop again. You can go somewhere quiet like a library with bright florescent lights. You can go somewhere social and loud like a café type restaurant.

3. Give Yourself Permission to Mark.

A great way to keep focus and stay alert when reading for school is to mark your textbook. Use highlighters, rulers, sticky notes, pens, whatever. Do what’s easy and fun and mark up passages that are particularly long by highlighting the need to know information. This is a great study tip too! Warning: Only do this if you actually own the book and it’s not a school copy.

4. Read with a Friend.

Whether it’s an academic assignment or something you want to read, getting together with a friend is a pleasant way to get the reading done. You can read together discussing things out loud as you go along or by yourselves side by side only speaking up to point out something interesting or to ask a question.

5. Get a Snack.

Sometimes the reason you’re bored while reading is because you’re low on energy. Stop reading and go grab yourself a small snack. I suggest fruit because it’s crisp, clean, and full of good nutrients. Fruit smoothies work too and they’re cold. If you’re on campus you have the added benefit of walking and extending the break on your eyes and relieving that cooped up feeling.

6. Get Comfortable.

If you’re warm, take off your coat or turn on a fan. If you’re cold, put a jacket on or wrap up in a blanket. Sometimes your boredom arises because you’re focusing too much on minor discomforts. (Perversely if you think you’re bored because you’re too comfortable do the opposite and get uncomfortable!)

What else do you suggest for alleviating boredom while reading?

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  1. Great ideas! I have one more: Go for a quick 15 minute walk outside. It’ll clear your head and let your body re-energize.

  2. Aye Aye! Nice tip Hannah! I would also say you could actually make your snack instead of just grabbing one. My suggestions are banana bread, brownies, chocolate cake, etc. When they’re done baking you can break again and eat it while it’s hot and delicious!

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