Get on the Romance Acronym Bandwagon


by Susan Sigler, guest blogger

Feeling OOL (Out of the Loop)? Wondering why you feel absolutely clueless. Hop into my bandwagon and blog like a pro. BTW (By the Way) I thought of #13 and #16. Here are the ones I consider the top 25. If you think of any others, feel free to post a comment. The bandwagon’s plenty big and roomy.


  1. LRP (Love Romance Passion) Of course.
  2. PDF (Portable Document Format) What I ask for when I win an e-book from Kimber Chin or J L Wilson.
  3. HEA (Happily Ever After) What Donna Lea Simpson likes to give us.
  4. TDF (To Die For) What I think of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter books.
  5. TJ (Tear Jerker)
  6. POV (Point of View)
  7. FPOV (Female Point of View)
  8. MPOV (Male Point of View)
  9. & 10. If a book is OOP (Out of Print) your SOL (S***Out of Luck)

  1. SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) What I send to Kim Harrison for goodies.
  2. PB (Paperback) What you find in any library, bookstore or those things you trip over in your living room.
  3. TBR! (That Book Rocked!)
  4. & 15. TBR (To Be Read) If you had FF (Finally Finished) these you wouldn’t trip over the PB’s.
  1. HAH (Hot and Heavy) Side effects of reading Erotic Romance.
  2. HAH (Hot as Hell) Devyn Quinn’s Morgan Saint-Evanston character.
  3. ARC (Advanced Reading/Review Copy)
  4. h/h (hero/heroine)
  5. FF (Finally Finished) What you say when you read a 2 star book to the end.
  6. BNPR (Best New Paranormal Romance)
  7. B & N- (Barnes & Noble) What did you think it meant? Balls & Nuts…really people!
  8. HON (House of Night) series by the great Cast’s
  9. SON? (Sins of the Night) by Devyn Quinn
  10. YA (Young Adult) Once Dead, Twice Shy YA book by Kim Harrison

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  1. Emy S.


  2. Sust- this was too cute! i like it.
    I will think of some and post later!!!
    love you and miss you =)

    TBC- to be continued…lol

  3. oopsy…sry, mispelled your name…Susy!

  4. You forgot one of my favourites:

    The TSTL heroine. The Too Stupid Too Live heroine.


  5. Love it! And then there are the TSTL characters (too stupid to live) – I encounter far fewer of them nowadays, though.

  6. Emy hope the horse smell isn’t too bad(LOL) I did try to wash Old Sin before you hopped on!
    Vany- Thanks

    Tracy & LynnS/AAR Thanks for the TSTL Acronym. I am happy to say; I’ve never read a book with a heroine like that but I have read one with a hero that was TSTL!!!

    Good One Keira BTW we’re gonna have to give Old Sin some water soon (LOL).

  7. Old sin?! Water?!?!

  8. I missed this yesterday. It’s like BISHRS (Books I Should Have Read Sooner)! LOL Great post because I didn’t understand some of these acronyms before. If someone would have told me HON I would have thought they were flirting! =)

  9. Isabel I’m ROFL(Rolling On Floor Laughing)–flirting or asking you to go to the HON which wouldn’t be a bad thing if you like Vamps he,he.
    Glad I helped you learn a few acronyms.BISHRS is a good one!

  10. I have another one…

    DNF (Did Not Finish) – A book you couldn’t be forced to read one more word of let alone another full page without getting retinal damage.

  11. DNF is a great one Keira; every reader comes across those at some time or another. Which is why I have all the opthamologists in the area on speed dial; you just never know. LOL

  12. Maria V

    Thanks Susy, this was very helpful. I am adding another one to get on the bandwagon: FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    Great post, thx for sharing.

  13. Susan S.

    Thanks Maria for joining us, you know I read an article recently by the Wall Street Journal about text lingo. There are so many acronyms we use in romance, for texting & for every day communication. Might want to check out & you’ll be amazed how many acronyms you’ll see. Here’s another one I stumbled upon,VHTF(Very Hard To Find).

  14. OOP – (Out of Print) Books you hear about from long time romance readers and need to figure out how to get your hands on ASAP (as soon as possible)! Libraries, ebay, and amazon are good places to go.

  15. MOC — (Marriage of Convenience)
    MOB — (Mail Order Brides)
    CDF — (Cross-Dressing Female)

  16. Love this…

    Now just to print it and keep it close by….


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