Harry Potter Costume: Death Eater

by First Mate Keira

When I was Voldemort, I had to have minions and thus began the phone calls to find people Potter crazy enough to let me make them into my Death Eaters.

The basics of a Death Eater costume: black clothes, black robes, dark marks, and scary white face masks.

Making the face mask is the toughest part of the Death Eater costume.

If you want a truly unique mask I suggest paper mache. There’s lots of instructions for it online and it’s very simple to do. You will need Vaseline, newspaper, water, a bowl, a comfortable place to sit, and regular glue.


  1. Tear newspaper into strips.
  2. Grease face with Vaseline.


  1. Mix water and glue in correct amounts.
  2. Dunk newspaper into mixture.
  3. Wipe off excess with your fingers.
  4. Place on face. Avoid eyes.
  5. Continue until a full layer is done.
  6. Do another two layers.
  7. Wait for it to dry. (Approx 30 minutes to an hour.)

How I shaped mine:

I designed the masks too cover the mouth because I thought that was pretty scary. The nose looks completely covered when face forward but this is an illusion. You should never design your mask to cover all of the mouth and all of the nose. The person needs to breathe. Use straws to keep holes open or do like I did and leave the bottom side of the nose free of any paper mache.

Final Touches:

  1. Paint your paper mache mask white.
  2. Punch holes in the side.
  3. Buy black gauze and cut large enough to secure to face through the mask.
  4. Add string or yarn and tie in place.

Tada! There you have it a very scary Death Eater mask. Go make some Muggleborns cry.

Of course if making one is too much work you can always buy a Death Eater mask.

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You can’t be a Death Eater without the Dark Mark on your forearm. You could probably draw one with black eye liner but I think it’s a lot easier and much prettier to get yourself a temporary tattoo. It’s what we did.

The Dark Mark Temporary Tattoo:

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Your Turn: Have you ever dressed up as the bad guys from Harry Potter? What did you do for your Death Eater costumes?

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  1. I’m planning on dressing like a death eater for Halloween and this article was very helpful!!! I really like the dark mark links 🙂 Thanks.

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