Harry Potter Costume: Fleur Delacour / Beauxbatons Student

This year I’m working on my Fleur Delacour costume. I want to be her or a Beauxbatons student for the release of Deathly Hallows (part 1).

I chose Fleur because she’s part Veela, which means she’s one of the most beautiful women in the Potter-verse. She has blue eyes (which I don’t have), long silvery-blonde hair (I’m a brunette), and very white even teeth (check). (One out of three isn’t so bad, is it? lol :D) As a partial Veela she has a charm about her that makes boys fall at her feet and do incredibly stupid things to get her attention. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? 😉

Fleur was also the Triwizard Champion for her school, which means despite her poor performance, she’s one of the smartest and most honorable witches from Beauxbatons. That makes her kind of like Hermione, which is very admirable.

On the other hand because of her beauty and talent she was originally introduced with a less than stellar personality. She was very haughty and dismissive. She’s critical too about things that aren’t what she’s used to. But she’s not all bad. She loyal, brave, and loving. When Bill Weasley, her handsome fiancé, gets attacked and disfigured by a werewolf, she surprises all who thought her shallow and vain by staying with him and daring anybody to say otherwise. Her exact words were: “I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk!”

So poo poo on Ginny who calls Fleur, Phlegm, because Fleur definitely has her strengths. Ginny’s just jealous.

Below you will find out how I put together my costume — to see more pictures of the costume on me go here.

Beauxbatons Hat:

The most distinctive feature of the entire Beauxbatons costume is the slightly pointy hat, followed by the fairly ugly fringe shoes. I’d skip getting the shoes exactly right and find something you like instead. As for the hat though I found somebody who makes them and they look great! They’re professional quality hats perfect for anybody wanting to be Fleur Delacour or a Beauxbatons student. As they’re custom made you have to be quick and get your orders in as soon as possible so Ms Vendetta’s Millinery can make and ship yours in time for the movie event or even for Halloween.



Beauxbatons Blue:

Aren’t they just gorgeous? If you didn’t want your costume to be a Beauxbatons student with a blue Beauxbatons uniform you could always go red and be a Drumstrang witch! After all in the books the school from the North was co-ed (Beauxbatons too!).

Shop: Ms Vendetta.

When it comes to the midnight premiere you can rock the joint. Come up with a little number with sparkles and butterflies to mimmick their entrance into Hogwarts and capture it on video for a truly cute memory.

Edit: I found online some information about making your own hat, but considering the time and cost ($87), I would still recommend buying your hat. There’s a great tutorial on the shoes too if you’re inclined to want a pair. 🙂

You could also buy yourself a beret (it’s French!) in blue to go with your costume as an alternative. Who says you have to look like the characters did in the movies, right?

[phpbay]blue beret, 5, 45233, crochet knit[/phpbay]

Beauxbatons Uniform:

I’ve found a few exceptionally cute blue dresses that could double as a Beauxbatons uniform on eBay. You should pay extra special attention to the sizing because the dresses are geared toward Asians which are notably more petite than most body types. There are some Plus Sizes too. You should really take a look-see because the dresses are just that adorable:

[phpbay]Short sleeve chiffon blue color dresses, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]
[phpbay]jk2 Chiffon Dress, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]
[phpbay]jkr dress blue, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]

You can also go vintage and look for a workable dress from local thrift shops. You never know what treasure you will find. If you have talent with a needle you can create a Beauxbatons school uniform yourself. Fabric shopping might be noticeably more difficult than simply going with something you’ve found.

If you don’t want to go for the dress and capelet from when the Beauxbatons make their grand entrance in Goblet of Fire, you can always convert a suitable set of pajamas into a blazer and skirt. Or mix and match from your closet to do the same thing.

[phpbay]blue capelet, 5, 11450, “”[/phpbay]
[phpbay]blue cape, 5, 163147, “”[/phpbay]

Your turn: Have you ever been Fleur Delacour or a Beauxbatons student? What did you do?

I’ll be sure to update everybody when I have my costume all finalized!

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  1. I think that your beaubaton’s costume is the best idea that I’ve read yet!! PS if you are doing a cardigan or a shirt look for one of those iron on patches of their crest!! It is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. beaubatonluva


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