Harry Potter Costume: Moaning Myrtle

by First Mate Keira

One of my all time favorite costumes to put together was Moaning Myrtle, which I dressed up as for the fifth Potter film, Order of the Phoenix. I planned this costume way in advance because I wanted to be a great Hogwarts ghost.

I knew going into costume designing that I did not want to go as a white sheet ghost. I wanted to look like a ghost from the films, all silvery and white and transparent (well maybe not transparent that’d be difficult to pull off).

If you want to go as Moaning Myrtle you will need to create a Hogwarts school girl outfit all in white or cream or gray.

  • Cloak – cheap white fabric fastened by a handmade craft clay pin
  • Pin – designed with white craft clay to look like a Hogwarts badge with all four houses represented
  • Vest – hand knitted vest, though yours certainly doesn’t have to be, and I didn’t make mine either, my mother did a long time ago way before Potter came along
  • Tie – gray, borrowed from my dad
  • Shirt – simple white button down, easiest thing to grab
  • Skirt – white pleated skirt, toughest to track down but I did it!
  • Tights – white, another easy find
  • Knee High Socks – another item borrowed from dad
  • Penny Loafers – white, semi-difficult to track down
  • Glasses – Harry Potter plastic glasses (exactly this type: Round Wizard Glasses) coated in glue and silver sparkles.
  • Hair – braided and sprayed with silver hair glitter (hard to tell in picture lighting)

The final look? Fabulous!

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Your Turn: Have you ever dressed up as Moaning Myrtle or another Hogwarts ghost? What did you do?

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  1. Another winner! You looked the part.

  2. I do look pretty spiffy, thanks! 🙂

  3. I was mistaken for Hermione… it made me think the Muggle in question needed new glasses.

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