Harry Potter Costume: Voldemort


by First Mate Keira

Voldemort was the most ambitious Harry Potter costume I’ve ever done to date. I decided to be Voldemort when book seven Deathly Hallows came out because book seven was going be the deal breaker. Would Harry live or die? Would Voldemort? I wanted to celebrate the ultimate showdown by being the best villain I could be.

First I created a partial mask to flatten out my nose and make it more snake like. You can create one too through paper mache. You will need newspaper, water, and some regular glue. Tear the newspaper, don’t cut, to create a stronger mask. Before you start creating your mask, you will need to coat your face with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to protect your skin. Yes, it’s greasy, but it’s better than losing a layer of epidermis, right? When you have the mask shaped how you want it too look, you will sit with it on your face for about an hour. Once it’s dry gently pry it off your face and set aside. In a day or two take the time to paint it. Bone white works best and is the easiest to do.

For the eyes I took a pair of red tanning goggles and punched out the centers. I painted everything but the edges white. It looks really buggy, but it’s much cheaper than contact lenses. Of course if I did it all over again I’d get some contacts – so much easier and the look is better too.

I didn’t want to cut my hair so I had to figure out how to hide all of it. I ended up French braiding my hair and stuffing almost all of it under a Bald Cap Wig and tucking the leftover in the collar of my black cloak. It made the back of my neck look very skeletal, if the skeleton was inverted. 😉

Followed by lots of white face paint to hide the bald cap and paper mache mask.

The rest of the costume was simply dressing up in all black and putting together my robes out of shiny black fabric.

If you can’t buy yourself an official Lord Voldemort’s Wand, you can always make one. My wand was very simple as it was a wooden dowel painted yew black.

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The final result? Wicked…

And this is when I found out I didn’t win the book store costume contest… Can you believe that I lost to a store bought beard and plaid shirt Hagrid? Me neither.

If I was Voldemort again there are a few things I’d change. Instead of doing the bald cap and half mask I’d make a full mask and figure out something different with the eyes too. Overall though I’m pretty darn proud of my Voldemort costume.

Your Turn: Have you ever dressed up as Voldemort? What did you do?

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  1. beaubatonluva

    awww, u should have won with the work u put in it:D

  2. Hear hear!! lol I agree. All my votes must have been standing beside me as my minions and therefore weren’t properly counted. It’s the only thing that could explain such a monstrosity! 😉

  3. Aww! It’s a shame you didn’t win, but the costume is still awesome!

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