by First Mate Keira

If you are planning to go to Harry Potter World check out the photos below and read the tips. They should make your trip to Potterland easier and more fun.

This is the backside of Hogsmeade. It’s what you see on your way into Harry Potter World if you’re coming from Jurassic Park. It must be magic, because there’s snow in Florida!

Things to consider bringing to the park: a water bottle (it’s so humid and hot); an umbrella (provides shade in sun and protection from afternoon showers); a small wash cloth that you can wet and use to cool yourself with (very practical!)

This is the line for the new ride at Harry Potter called the Forbidden Journey. This section of the line is only for those in need of a locker to store their gear and if you have any gear you must get in this line. If not you can bypass it entirely and get into the actual ride line. (Tip: Go Single Rider to avoid the wait. Our maximum wait time was 20 minutes; most of the time it’s less.)

On the other hand you miss out on a bunch of cool things by going Single Rider on the Forbidden Journey. You miss seeing the Herbology greenhouse, the house point cup counter, the statue guarding Dumbledore’s office, Dumbledore’s office, the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, the Golden trio talking about the ride, Ron making it snow on you, the Fat Lady’s portrait, etc.

Tip: You can bring a camera, but they make you store it before you get strapped into your seat on the ride.

The herbology line area… it’s windy and takes a while to get through but after this point you’re in air conditioning and in our case we got hustled through the rest of the line very quickly.

Dumbledore’s Office is a very cool area, lots of storage and display cases. Went through way too fast to get much more than this shot!

The DADA classroom. I loved the dragon skeleton. This is where Ron makes it snow on you. I think it was a lighting trick but again before I could get a better look the ride staff was moving us along.

These are some of the non-moving portraits in the Gryffindor common room. (The moving portraits turn black when you snap a photo of them.)

This is the Hippogriff Flight ride. It’s short but fun if you want to meet Buckbeak.

More coming soon!

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