Have You Ever Gone to an Author Signing?

I’ve been to a few author signings. My most interesting one was a time when I didn’t know I was attending one! I showed up at the bookstore to grab a few books and stumbled upon her in my favorite aisle. She was there on the night her daughter and my sister were in the same school function! Wow! Talk about neat. I asked her a few questions, turned it into a mini interview for my blog and got her to sign her newest books and left happy. What about you?

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Photo Credits: Mr. Wright

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  1. Joy Stuart

    Author signings are wonderful! The authors I’ve met, and I have met everyone from first time to long time favorites, are always so warm and interested in you as well. My favorite was my all time favorite, Orson Scott Card. We talked for a good thirty minutes, especially about one of my favorites by him, Lost Boys. It was never as big a seller as Ender’s Game, but it was very special, also special to him.

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