How Often Do You Visit Your Local Library?

by First Mate Keira

One of my favorite things to do is visit the library. I love checking in for new books that are added to the adult and young adult book collections. They’re located in two different sections of the library, but both have very prominent displays. I also like to check out the newest movies available to borrow. I go so often it’s a wonder they don’t just give me a key! How often do you visit?

I go so often the librarians know my name.

You go to the library every day of the week. You might even show up there at the same time like clockwork. Because of this the librarians are expecting you when you walk through the doors. Most have a smile for you and exchange a few words. They can recommend books for you the moment they become available because they know what you like. You’re building a real rapport – that’s awesome!

I go maybe once or twice a week to browse.

So the librarians may not know your name, but they recognize your face. They know you’re a regular and they usually ask if they can help you out with your browsing. Take them up on the offer next time and pretty soon before you know it you’ll be on their special list (which of course is the super secret list that’s for the daily library visitors only… just kidding :)).

I only go when I have school projects and reports.

Not a bad idea. Libraries are full of useful texts and books about any number of subjects. You should be able to get all your resources in order and build a nice bibliography for the end. It wouldn’t hurt to come in a little more often and check out some of the libraries extensive collection of pleasure-reading too!

I couldn’t find it on a map.

You rarely if ever go to the library. If you were asked to locate it or direct someone to it you’d more likely send them out to the boonies than the actual library. It’s not a scary place and in fact you can find and do a lot of cool things at the library. Most libraries have wi-fi and computers and even games. Go take a browse through their shelves and find out!

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  1. The librarians know me- and love me.

  2. Well, although they don’t holler out my name when I walk in, they do have my library card number memorized. Is that bad? Lol. Seriously, I’m there renting movies every week. I love my library! Last week we (family) watched: Prince of Persia, Iron Man 2, and Sherlock Holmes. And “I” watched the entire 7th season of Desperate Housewives. Prince of Persia (o.k.) Iron Man 2 (awesome) and Sherlock Holmes (should’ve done laundry instead).

    Further commentary: If Nora Roberts knew how many of her books I’ve bought at the library, she’d have serious heart palpitations. Like I said before, “I love my library!”

    • I use the library for renting movies too. Why pay anything when you can just check it out? Return dates are the same as a physical store depending on the movie and/or format. Plus if your library is setup online you can easily renew it that way by logging in with your library card information and viola you get a few more days for free! lol 🙂

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