How to Get a Harlequin Tycoon to Share His Feelings

Are you in love with an impossibly closed-minded and secretive millionaire? Are you incredibly frustrated with his lack of emotional disclosure? Follow the following 10 steps on the yellow-brick road to ‘emerald’ city.

  1. Cultivate Your Alluring Innocence. A Tycoon is a much jaded and cynical man. He’s seen much of the world and of the various types of women in it. He’s boiled his experiences down and has lumped women into different shades of gold diggers. Your innocence will be your first step in breaking through his shielded heart.
  2. Tell the Truth; Keep Nothing Hidden. Painful pasts and old hurts are the exception because he doesn’t need to know them at this point. Everything else though is considered fair and open game and you should disclose it all so that he sees you as honest and heartfelt.
  3. Persist or Perish. For every step you gain, your Tycoon will force you two steps back because you are too close to making him feel something. Take heart in every instance he pushes you away. You’re getting to him.
  4. Share His Bed. A Tycoon is far more comfortable with sex than love. This will be the only way you can share your growing feelings with him without them being thoroughly rebuffed. You should take advantage of this drop in his guard and use it to wiggle your way further into his heart.
  5. Talk with Someone Close to Him for Insight. Preferably someone male to invoke your Tycoon’s jealousy. This is very important.
  6. Explain When Possible. Your Tycoon will surely ostracize you from his very presence when he finds out what you’ve done, without giving you the benefit of the doubt or a chance to explain, but be ready with your perfectly logical and understandable explanation. He might not let you get that far, but you should have it at the ready.
  7. If All Else Fails, Leave Him. If your Tycoon did not allow you to explain but didn’t send you from his presence, be prepared for things to be very awkward and strange. Your relationship will feel like it is disintegrating and it is, but you want total annihilation. When you get to that point you need to leave. Disappear into the night and go back to your old life.
  8. Act Surprised When He Shows at Your Doorstep. When your Tycoon finally caves to as he calls it “his inexplicable need” for you, and is willing to take you back no matter what supposed infraction you have committed, you are very close to getting him to share his feelings.
  9. Keep Quiet. By not speaking you will force him to talk first and invariably he will tell you everything that’s in his heart from all his pains to all his hopes and his love for you.
  10. Smile and Run into His Arms. Congratulations you have successfully extracted your Tycoon’s feelings from him and now the two of you can have that glorious globetrotting, baby filled, happily ever after. Don’t forget to tell him you love him too. *wink*

Photo Credits: Bolivar Trindade

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  1. I love your lists!! I wish I was as clever as you 🙂

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