by First Mate Keira

A real fun reading activity to put together is an Audio Book Club or Party. Here’s how you put one together:

Who to Invite:

Whether you’re putting a club together or hosting a party it’s important to figure out who you want to participate. You can make it a mother-daughter thing, your friends from school, all girl or all boy, whatever works!

Where to Gather:

Next you have to decide where you will meet. Your options include:

  • Somebody’s House – perfect for a private book club or party
  • The Library – for more open book club or party setting where all are welcomed just ask first
  • A Book Store – get permission first and they’ll probably want to open it for all their costumers
  • The Park – a public place will require portable audio players
  • The Beach – bring big towels and some sun cover

Picking the Audio Book:

Do you want something short? Do you want to start a series? Do you want to celebrate a book-to-movie conversion? Think Harry Potter and Twilight Saga. You audio selections are limitless.

Theme it Up:

Make it fun by creating a theme for the audio book club or party. Should everyone dress in costume? Should you play or make up a game to go with the book? Serve certain types of food and drink?

Setting Up:

You will need lots of comfy seating, plenty copies of the book, one copy of the book in audio format, an audio player with speakers, some food and drink, and to decide how long to play the audio book. Chances are you can’t all go 6-12 hours straight, so break it up and host several times.


You can do a formal discussion after the segment is read or allow free flowing conversation to happen while it’s being read. It will depend on everybody’s familiarity or lack thereof with the book and of course personal preferences.

That’s it! Now go have fun!