How to Organize Your Ebooks

amhartnett: #ff @reviewromance — I patiently wait for her to get an ereader so the “How to organized your ebooks” posts can begin to massage my brain.

reviewromance: @amhartnett I got one! I have to wait for Kindle updates though so I can start talking about the collections.

reviewromance: @amhartnett My biggest tip? Organize your books via folders on your computer! That way you can find them when you’re looking.

Method One: Organize Your Ebooks by Read and Unread:

As a reviewer method one is a really good system for me. A normal reader requires just two folders. They are:

  1. Unread or TBR Pile
  2. Read or Finished Reading

It’s basic and easy to understand and navigate. Just be sure to move read books out of the TBR Pile folder.

Now as a reviewer, I go a step further. In the TBR Pile folder I have two sub folders: ARCs + Non ARCs. The ARCs file gets even more sub folders which separate the books by month of release. It’s very handy for any blogger and easy to implement if you keep track of all your emails.

Method Two: Organize Your Ebooks by Genre:

You got a ton of Harlequin category romances? Create folders with headings by genre. Put your ebooks in folders labeled:

  1. Regency
  2. Western
  3. Contemporary
  4. Urban Fantasy
  5. Paranormal
  6. etc.

This method lets you find books based on your mood. If you add two more sub folders in each category folder, you can organize your ebooks further and list them as read or unread.

Method Three: Organize Your Ebooks by Author:

I have several books by a singular author. She gets her own folder (with–you got it–two more sub-folders labeled read and unread). As time goes on and my collection of ebooks grows, I suspect I will have a lot of author folders.

I haven’t yet decided if authors who write in more than one category will stay outside of the genre system or not. What do you think? When does organizing get to be too much? 😀

Method Four: Organize Your Ebooks by Publisher:

Or place where you downloaded them from – that way you can keep track of where you purchased them. I just started this method and have put two finished ebooks in one publisher’s folder. Truth be told I don’t think I will like this method, in fact method four is not one I would generally recommend for the average reader, but you have to go with what makes sense to you and what you’re willing to do to get organized.

What methods have you employed in an effort to get your ebooks organized? Check out Tracy’s post on Managing Your Books On Your Hard Drive. She’s got a lot of great info that I hadn’t even thought of! Like this big duh: BACK UP YOUR EBOOKS! File corruption, manual accidental deletion, viruses, switching computers, all this and more can lead to losing a significant chunk or all of your ebooks. Be wise, not sorry.

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  1. Anyone know any good apps that will organize them for you? I just can’t seem to find any.

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