If You Could Change One Thing About Harry Potter What Would It Be?

by First Mate Keira

If it were me I would want each Horcrux to be more of a challenge. It would have lengthened the series probably by a few more books (and who would mind that, really? Nobody, that’s who).

For Deathly Hallows I was expecting great drawn out battles between Harry and the Horcruxes. I was expecting them to react better and stronger as Harry had to face down a continuously older and smarter Tom Riddle.

Each successful hunt would lead to a terror/tension filled battle as Harry faced off with a memory/shade of Voldemort. If Harry failed to best it he would in essence release a second Voldemort to contend with alongside the first.

It would go on until Harry was ready to face the real thing in the final battle against Voldemort.

The reason I want this change is because of prior evidence to how Horcruxes reacted in the books before Deathly Hallows. Harry’s horcrux battles would have been more like the events of the Riddle diary Horcrux from Chamber of Secrets and less slice-and-dice as some of them were.

Even Dumbledore faced a greater challenge in destroying the Gaunt family ring in Half-Blood Prince then say Neville’s badass kill when it came to Nagini. We weren’t told all the details between Dumbledore and the ring, all we really know was that Snape’s expertise was required in preventing the loss of life and limb when Dumbledore came back from it. Compared to that all Neville had to do really was aim and follow through. It was a bit anticlimactic in that sense.

That’s what I’d want… more badass Horcruxes and fights between them and Harry. After all their very nature is to survive and the way they come into existence is pretty evil. They should have put up more effort!

Your Turn: If you could add, remove, expand, or change any one thing in the Potterverse what would it be and why?

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  1. Lenoxuss

    This is a question I’ve thought about a lot. I think that some of Rowling’s narratives deserve(d) someone more adept than Rowling — not saying that someone is specifically me or you, but kind of the world at large. Before Deathly Hallows there were a lot of neat fan theories whose inclusion might have improved that book. For example, some speculated that a Dementor could be used to extract the Horcrux from Harry without killing him. As far as I’m concerned, anything would have been better than yet another Aslan/Jesus/Tinkerbell-style sacrifice — especially since it feels implausible that Voldemort would fall for attempting to kill Harry that way twice in a row. (One idea of mine: After Neville whacks off Nagini’s head, Voldemort angrily attempts to kill him, breaking his own promise to Hogwarts, and hence dying (unaware that he didn’t have any Horcruxes left). Hence, Neville becomes the “second Harry”, fulfilling the prophecy even more competely than Harry had. This would have been even more powerful if Lily’s sacrifice had been kept a plot secret for as long as possible.)

    I’m very plot- and realism-oriented, and feel that the Potterverse is perhaps too loaded with hugely-powered devices and spells for it to feel plausible that Muggles mostly haven’t noticed — and more importantly for the story, that neither the Order nor the Death Eaters scratch the surface of the weapons at their disposal. This is a world in which a wizard can: Disguise herself as anyone else, take control of anyone else, modify people’s memories, and travel back in time. Each of these devices works quite well in their own separate narratives; I particularly enjoyed the denouement of Prisoner of Azkaban! But when you step back and try to take things seriously, you see a thousand ways the characters fail to anticipate what the other side could be doing. For instance, Hogwarts needs more stringent and regular identity checks! And neither Harry nor anyone else once considers whether their own memories are trustworthy. The epitome of this is Quidditch… it’s a fun diversion which provides plenty of entertainment, but strains the degree to which we can take the setting and its characters seriously — the game is so obviously flawed that it would have been altered years ago.

    So I guess I’m saying I would have changed… everything. And then some. Rant over!

    • All really good points! Seriously with Snape being like a quadruple agent he’s the scariest one out there. Add in his DADA skills, his potions mastery and you’ve got yourself a serious problem even estimating what he could be up to let alone controlling him or using him as an asset!

  2. Character deaths. Everyone except Dumbledore I disliked, Sirius was awesome, Snape Was Awesome, Dumbledore’s death was awesome however. But yah, Snape or Sirius and Lupin dying sucked. 🙁 Maybe give Ginny more book time, so the haters can come up with a new reason for the hate. In response to someone wanting to change everything… Hindsight is twenty twenty, but to make millions off a book series should say somthing about somones qualifications as a writer and the content of their books.

  3. I’ll make sure moRon be dead in first book.

    • Ron isn’t always the most loyal of characters. I probably wouldn’t kill him off myself, but I would change his moments of extreme moronic behavior. lol 🙂

  4. If I should take something away, it would be book 7, or at the very least the horcruxes, that is a rather flawed concept.

    If I should add something it would be backbone.
    Preferbly in everyone, it appears magicals are very keen to worship someone or something to the point where they stop being themselves.

  5. Phoenix

    @Hfan: Ron provided a counterbalance in the trio of friends. It was his necessary inclusion for Harry to grow. Although I’m not in favor of Ron in general. He was only human.
    @Denin: The entire concept of J.K. Rowling’s work was around the theme of death. The horcruxes were a very captivating example of a futile example of denying inevitability.

    If I could change one thing. I would have had Harry/Hermione romance. They balance each other out pretty well.

    I have nothing against Harry/Ginny though. They still would have made a fine couple. Author’s prerogative.

  6. Bonnia

    @Bouts of Insanity: That’s probably what I would change, too. There still would be some of the deaths, but if they were necessary, they would have an actual scene, not just when Harry sees their dead bodies. I mean, Lupin and Tonks-Lupin? They didn’t even get scenes; he just sees their dead bodies before he runs off to get killed. Much like a picture with the 3 Marauders+Lily before Harry runs off to die: “Does anyone else think that Rowling killed Lupin off just so he could be in this scene?”

    I also may change the pairing to Harry/Hermione also. I really don’t like the younger Weasleys(but, to each their own) and H/Hr works out perfectly for me.

  7. Lucy Evergreen

    I would change the ending, there was no big battle. It was to weak, I mean basically he gets captured killed and the only way he wins is (excuse me) “Dumb luck”! It was a big disappointment, I threw down my book when I read the ending.
    If I had a second wish I would kill Ginny and have Harry actually have a life. You know live a little! He was rich young and famous he shouldn’t have gotten hitched just like that . ‘Sides he deserved to have a life with all the shit that got pulled onto him.

  8. MrBackpack

    I think that I would change 1 1/2 things about the books.

    First and foremost would be the romance, the characters are set up as H/Hr all the way through the books, only to have a worthless fan-girl end up with one of the greatest heroes that young adults have? That doesn’t seem like a real romance, or even lust for that matter.

    The 1/2 point I would change would be to introduce the idea of the horcruxes much earlier in the series, or at least drop a hint about the diary being something more than what it seemed. By introducing them, seemingly, at the last minute, the concept is a deus ex machina to keep Voldemort alive long enough for a seven book series.

  9. What i would want is for Rowling to
    – rewrite the whole series so she can fix the numerous plot holes.
    – At least have some groundwork to explain the Har/Gin relationship
    – Let Harry survive all his challenges through more than dumb luck. give him some skill, i mean he is supposedly a prodigy at DADA.

  10. Shrek2be

    I am not sure if its too late to comment now, but the pairings would have to change along with the ridiculous epilogue. We have no idea why Hermione would choose Ron and worse ,what Ron sees in Hermione. Harry/Ginny is one of the most poorly developed romances in fiction. I thought it was significant that Harry has his first hug ever that he remembers by Hermione at the end of PS, first kiss that he notices on the cheek by Hermione at the end of GoF and yet Rowling attempts to write R/Hr???????
    Despite the horrible mismatched pairings , Rowling’s attempts to justify them in her interviews makes her sound more foolish than her attempts to write them . Harry/Ginny are soul mates now?

    Albus Severus anyone???Hermione Jean????

    Ideally book 6 and book 7 needs to be rewritten to at least maintain a semblance of continuity in the series from book 5.

  11. Ubertastic

    Way late, but there are a couple of major things I would change. First would be, as you said, the Horcruxes. They were entirely too easy to destroy and I think the 7th book would have been better if split into epic battles between Harry and the fragments of Riddle where each and everyone would be tougher than the last and Harry escapes death by the hair of his feet.

    Another would be the Deathly Hallows. They seemed inserted. There was barely (if any) mention of then in books before the seventh and they felt like an out used by Rowling to wrap everything up in a neat little bow. I know that the invisibility cloak was one, but I’m sure no one knew it was a hallow as it didn’t display any special qualities. Hell, even fake Moody saw through it in the 4th book. It would have been interesting to see the powers of the Hallows a bit more like if the resurrection stone were used to raise the victims of Voldie and have a huge battle and later have a heart warming scene of Harry reuniting with all his loved ones before deciding to cast them back to the afterlife for the greater good.

    Thirdly, the romances. Oh my goodness were they bad. By the time I finished reading the epilogue, I was banging my head in disbelief. I mean Ron and Hermione? Harry and Ginny? How mismatched is that. Sure you have the whole opposites attract thing with Ron and Hermione, but they mostly just bicker and argue. They wouldn’t even have liked each other in the ‘friends’ way if it hadn’t been for Harry. He’s like the only thing keeping them together. And don’t even get me started on Harry and Ginny. I understand that you love your mother and want her affection Harry but think about it. How does you mother look. Compare her to Ginny. Is it disturbing to anyone else why he would want to be with someone who looks pretty much exactly like his mother? That and the whole fan girl angle just put me off.

    Rant done.

  12. Serenity Black-Malfoy

    This is a very though question to ask – especialy when I don’t what to rant about too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry Potter, but somethings are just ridiculous.
    First off, the pairings. Harry and Ginny…… what to say, what to say. They are horrible to say at the least. When Harry started crushing on her, he had, and to quote ‘a beast’ inside of him. One that came up out of nowhere, after he repeatedly said that he saw her as a sister. A little suspicious, don’t you think…… symptoms a love, or maybe even lust potion.

    What I don’t get is that I’ve always seen an H/Hr pairing! She hugs Harry all the time, she kissed him on the cheek multiple times, and she always stuck with him, not Ron, no matter what.

    Which brings me now to the horror of R/Hr. How can Jo torture us like this? They practically hated each other!

    No onto the loopholes. This covers a lot of things, like the whole time turner thing. With Buckbeak, who they SAW die, being saved, it messed up the whole time-space continuum. Then the subject of Hallows. It seemed like they were just thrown in to put the icing on the cake! No pre-warning, no mention, nothing!

    So basicaly I would kill off Ginny and Ron, then save Sirius and Fred. Oooo! I would so destroy Dumbledork earlier! So manipulative….. I would alo develop the Hallows and hurcruxes more too.

  13. I would have changed the Harry/Hermione romance in the movies to nada. J.K. Rowling created Ron/Hermione, so the film makers should respect that and not try to make Harry/Hermione a couple. I would have added more Harry/Ginny, because it seems unlikely that Harry would just fall in love with her without any reason why. The Horcruxes were too easy for Harry. Although I do love the exciting atmosphere when Voldemort once and for all dies, I think that before Voldemort was ultimately killed, one of the Horcruxes (Harry, preferably) should have been left undead. Then J. K. Rowling would have needed to write another book. Although I do love the exciting atmosphere when Voldemort once and for all dies. And, lastly, I would change Jo’s desicion to not write any more Potter books; I would have her write about The Next Generation: Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione’s kids, because I would love to learn more about them.

  14. Honestly? Put Harry in Slytherin and make him think for himself. I also used to love the Harry Potter series before looking back and realizing Dumbledore was a legitimate villain and, at best, a public relations nightmare.

  15. First thing I would change is Ron’s relationship with Harry and Hermione.. How can Harry keep forgiving Ron and allowinghi8m to insult Hermione? Abuse child or not he needs to grow a set and stand up for himself and Hermione.

    Ginny should just a groupie only since that is what she is. Harry shouldn’t have any love interest in a fan girl.

    And finally, Harry should grow a set and ignore Dumbiedorf. Lets face it .. Dumbie told him next to nothing, kept almost everything until HE decided Harry should know. If someone kept important things from me, especially something which probably cost my Godfather his life .. ym tantrum would have lasted for years .. not just an hour or so.

    Almost everything bad that happened to Harry was either directly or indirectly cause by Dumbie.

    Oh, and yeah. The ending was a big disappointment .. anyone who had won the Elder Wand could have defeated Voltieshorts. Happy just happened to be the one.

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