If You Could Live in a YA Fantasy Book Series, Which Would You Choose and Why?

Percy Jackson

by Captain Yarr

Hunger Games

  • Because I love action and adventure in my stories. If I enjoy reading about it then I would defiantly like having the same experience! Not to mention Peta! How can you live in a world without Peta? Your brave knight, clever brain, and a baker! Mmmmmm… Yum!

Harry Potter

  • Flying on broom sticks, learning spells, solving mysterious problems, and a hint of romance. Who wouldn’t want to go and be a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Oh, and not to mention having fantastic friends and defeating LORD VOLDEMORT!!!!!!! Mwuahahaha!

Twilight Saga

  • There’s three things of which I’m absolutely certain. First, Edward is a hot vampire. Second, I want to be with him forever. And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the Twilight Series. Who wouldn’t want to live forever, be alluringly beautiful, and be with Edward Cullen?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  • Who wouldn’t wanna be a demigod with crazy awesome weaponry and battle skills? Of course fighting Medusa might be a little scary but all you have to do is avert your eyes. The rest of the monsters are a piece of cake… well except for Cronos who might be a little tricky but that would be no problem for a warrior like you. Right?

Artemis Fowl

  • It doesn’t take a super genius to know that a world with fairies and fairy technology is wicked cool. Of course if you don’t believe me then just go hide by an oak tree at a bend in a river on a full moon then you will understand that fairies do exist. And when you find out that I’m right then you better start taking fairy language classes immediately otherwise you won’t be able to understand them.

Chornicles of Narnia

  • What’s in your wardrobe? A lion, a witch, or Narnia? Make sure you bring your winter parkas cause I hear that the Ice Queen can be a frigid evil witch. It might not hurt to bring some siblings along for the adventure too.

Spiderwick Chronicles

  • If bewildering and scary things are happening and you are being blamed for them but know you didn’t do them, you’d best go find a hobgoblin and make it spit in your eye so you can see what the world is really like. Full of danger … and fairies.

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  1. I would pick Harry Potter because I think it would be amazing to go to Hogwarts. Seriously, why did any of those kids hate doing homework? You’d want homework and extra credit assignments just so you could learn more magic!

    I would have pick Twilight, but since Edward and Bella are a sure thing I chose not to. I would pick Twilight if and only if Edward fell in love with me and left Bella to Jacob.

  2. I chose Percy Jackson because I think it would be cool to be a kid of the Greek gods. Think of the cool powers you could have without a magic wand. Seriously, those things are flimsy! You don’t want to end up like Ronald Weasley in second year, now would you?

  3. I don’t know. To be a kid of the Greek gods you’d have to be dyslexic and have ADHD. I’ll pass and take my flimsy wand with me! lol 🙂 I’m surprised you didn’t pick Hunger Games since you and Captain Yarr love that series so much.

  4. Harry Potter requires accent training. You don’t have a British accent! At least Percy Jackson takes place in America!

  5. So? Location is only part of the story! 😀 You’d have to learn Narnian by your reasoning, if someone went with Chronicles of Narnia. Besides, Twilight and Spiderwick Chronicles take place in America. Why not them?

  6. CaptainYarr

    I choose Harry Potter but only because I would probably die in the “Hunger Games” world (a.k.a District 12) and I’d love to be able to fly on broomsticks and cast spells and fight Lord Voldemort. Well, kind of.

  7. Yay! Two for Potter! If you’re worried about dying, you wouldn’t be fighting Lord Voldemort… lol 🙂 Maybe you should go with Artemis Fowl, you’ll be super genius and never be in any real danger.

  8. Susan S.

    Hi Captain Yarr! I love this post by the way. It’s a tie between Harry Potter and Twilight. In Twilight, I’d want to be changed and spend an eternity admiring Jasper. In Harry Potter well, that’s pretty obvious–I’d love making spell potions and using magic. You know what’s funny, “ages” ago, before anyone even knew of Spiderwick–my husband had bought me the hardcover set of the entire series. So when it was made into a movie, a PC game and went global—I thought it was so funny. A series I had read so long ago, was now being read by my own children.

  9. Twilight would have been my third pick, definitely. If I could just decide which love interest I like more I would like the series better. It’s so hard to be so undecided! I know Keira loves Edward, but Jacob seems like a pretty good guy. So Jasper, huh?

  10. Jasper! OMGosh yes! Love him too. 😀 Good pick Susan! Think Alice will let you have him?

    LYAF YARR you better stop liking Jacob Black immediately! Vampires rule. Werewolves drool.

    Remember the motto: I will always choose the pale skinny butt vampire with yummy features over any hulking beefcakes with ugly mugs! 😛

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