If You Love the Vampire Academy Series: Dimitri or Adrian? (Poll & Discussion)

by First Mate Keira

This discussion and poll assumes you have read up to the end of Spirit Bound, book five in the Vampire Academy series.

Pros for Team Adrian

  • He’s consistent in his affections and aid. Even when she rejects him he’s patient and always there for her. He clearly loves her and it might be the first time he’s really cared for somebody in a long while. Like Rose I doubted him, but his behavior shows that his intentions are pretty honest. He just wants a chance.
  • Adrian can be there for her (in her dreams) when and where nobody else could be. Even after several arguments and severe frostiness from Rose, he’s there. He gives her the kick in the pants she needs in Blood Promise to wake up and get herself safe.
  • He’s a good foil for Rose. He keeps her from getting too serious about duty and obligations and ensures that she has fun or at least tries to have fun. The two of them can banter like nobody’s business.
  • He’s a troubled hero with an interesting combination of social awkwardness and confidence.
  • In Spirit Bound, he’s understanding and loyal. When the sh*t hits the fan he’s the first to declare her innocent and demands his family to help her by getting the best lawyer possible.
  • He calls her Little Dhampir affectionately.
  • They could have kids together if Rose wanted because he’s Moroi.

Cons for Team Adrian

  • Even though he’s only three years younger than Dimitri, Adrian comes across a bit immature and cocky. It’s part of his charm, yes, but it makes him look like a boy playing as a man.
  • Moroi men do not marry dhampirs. The social classes are night and day. There would also be talk of Rose being a blood whore.
  • His aunt wants him to marry Lissa or at the very least to stay the hell away from Rose.
  • Until he masters spirit, Adrian drinks and smokes too much. Two activities that really drive Rose nuts. They would me too! He’s trying very hard to quit full stop but slips occasionally and then Dimitri returns and shakes his confidence.
  • If he never masters spirit, Adrian could just be another person Rose has to take care of and still try to stay sane around. He admits this fully in Spirit Bound, but at the same time lets her know that he wants and needs her.

Pros for Team Dimitri

  • Dimitri is a good foil for Rose’s impetuousness and hotheadedness. He soothes her, understands her, and strives to be there for her.
  • Russian accent. Enough said. Roza is so much hotter than Rose.
  • Dimitri is capable, strong, and protective. He can take care of himself and others. He is level headed, affectionate, and truly is a smart and savvy fighter. This by default makes him well built. 😉
  • He’s darn near indestructible. As a Strigoi, Dimitri manages to escape final death more by luck (author’s whims) than anything else. How else could he survive a stake through the heart? Unless it glanced off the side, but Rose was pretty certain she got him.
  • Dimitri endures. He doesn’t complain. He’s quiet to Adrian’s loudness.
  • He takes care of Rose; is willing to die to protect her.

Cons for Team Dimitri

  • His relationship with Rose started before she turned eighteen years old. It was very much teacher/student which is forbidden in today’s culture. It sets a wrong example for young girls. If it had started later or if he’d been closer in age and perhaps a teacher’s aid or assistant teacher it might have sat better with me.
  • Rose holds Dimitri to an impossibly high standard because he was her mentor. She views him as a god, unparalleled by any man. When Dimitri can’t live up to it they both get hurt.
  • Even before he turned Strigoi, Dimitri and Rose would have to overcome the complications of being bodyguards to Moroi. As dhampirs, they’re practically slaves, and can not have lives of their own. They would have problems if they both guarded Lissa or if they had separate assignments.
  • Dhampirs can’t have kids with other dhampirs. They need to mate with Moroi.
  • After being return to his dhampir state, Dimitri’s a bit of a jerk, reverting to his original form by constantly pushing her away. He’s willing to serve Lissa for life because she saved him, but learning Rose was the reason says he’ll leave her alone for life.
  • He tells her his love for her has faded.

Rose Needs:

  • Someone to stabilize her as she and Lissa figure out what it means to be bound by spirit. Someone who can sense when her bad moods are her own and when they are reflections of the darkness she’s pulling from Lissa. Someone who understands and is willing to stick around despite that. Who do you think is better for that? Dimitri or Adrian? Why/Why not?

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My personal opinion is that she should get together with Adrian. 🙂

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  1. Dimitri is the most amazing person in the world. after reading the series i was tempted to fly to Russia to meet the real Dimitri (i dont care if he isn’t there). Adrian is crazy and that wouldnt be good for Rose to look after another person losing their minds (she already has Lissa) Dimitri can take care of her when she has one of her meltdowns. i like Adrian but he isnt good for Rose

  2. I love Dimitri, he is amazing and, Rose doesn’t need to have another bond with a spirt user and, I personally don’t like how Adrain treated her when they first met.

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