bookstoreTracking new releases from your favorite authors seems like it should be fairly simple. Unfortunately, a comprehensive app for keeping track of release dates for books has yet to be made. Since the amount of time it takes for an author and publisher to produce another book varies greatly, it can be easy to lose track of who is publishing what and when. You do have more resources now than stalking your local bookstore. By using a combination of these resources, you can keep up with when your favorite author’s next book is coming out.

Create Your Own Release Date Calendar

This is the first step to keeping track and staying organized. You can use your favorite calendar or reminder app, so you don’t have to work with anything new. Make a calendar or section specifically for release dates. As you find new ones, you can add them to the selection. You can build in alarms or alerts for the books you know you don’t want to miss. If you live near a city that is a regular stop for book tours, you may want to have a reminder to look into tour dates about a month before the book comes out.

Websites, Blogs, and Mailing Lists

Most authors maintain an online presence. Websites and blogs usually include a section on new and upcoming books and stories. Similarly, author-maintained mailing lists are generally used to inform readers of new books and upcoming tours and appearances. These can be more useful than bookstore and publisher websites, as they may be updated throughout the writing process. How frequently these resources are updated depends greatly on the author and her assistants. If the site has not been updated in several months you may want to contact the webmaster or author and ask about upcoming releases. Publisher blogs can also be helpful for tracking release dates. Depending on the popularity of the author, they may post updates throughout the publication process.

Social Media and Forums

Some authors have an active presence on social media sites or forums related to their books. Forums can be a good resource for finding information on release dates since they are searchable. Posts by forum moderators, administrators, and the author are the most reliable. Social media sites are trickier since they are generally harder to search. Release dates can be lost under a pile of other comments and updates. If you are looking for release date information, start from the author’s page rather than your update stream.

Keeping up to date on your favorite authors’ new releases does take some work. You have to be active about finding out when books are near completion and can be expected on the shelves. Knowing when new releases will be available will let your better budget for your upcoming book buying ventures. You may also be able to find local book signings that you might miss if you only realize the book is out when you see it on the shelves. By being aware of release dates, you can turn the wait for new books from a morass of mystery to an array of anticipation.

Photo Credits: nayamola