katKiss and Tell is going to be the start of a new series of posts here at Love Romance Passion. The idea came to me last night when I was talking with my fellow romance novel reading friend about how heroes in romance despite having less wiggle room in appearance/wealth/status than their heroines, they are surprisingly unique across authors and within the writing of a particular author. We got to wondering if this was because the women writing them put pieces of their own real life hero into the fictional model. Did the author ever write a story basing a hero entirely on her own flesh and blood one? And perhaps he’s never consciously influenced the heroes in the stories, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a hero in his own right.

Authors Answer This: In the end what makes him, your husband (or boyfriend), your hero?

Male writers are welcome to tune in by answering what makes their wife or girlfriend their heroine. Similarly writers with same sex partners are invited to share as well. Just switch out any references below to the appropriate gender/status.

Why Participate?

You mean you might need other reasons than a chance to tell all how wonderful your partner is? I’ll link to your website and current book release. You can also include any links you want in the post itself.

How to Participate:

tellParticipation in this series is pretty basic and virtually painless (unless of course you insult your lover in some grievous fashion, then I’m sure it’ll be pretty painful. But as that is nearly impossible to do you should be fine. Grin.)

Post details: Include photo of husband to go alongside article. Photo could also be of you and your husband or one of the whole family. There is a 250 word minimum. No maximum as we’d love for you to share your courting anecdotes, happily ever after tales, gossip and dirt. Feel free to include any links to blogs and websites to feature alongside your submission.

Video details: Potentially less time spent on this than writing a post, and you can tell a lot in a very short period of time. Please make your video between 2 minutes and 5 minutes in length and under 100 MB. We’ll host you on YouTube at Love Romance Passion’s channel and share the video with blog readers. Embedding will not be disabled, so this video of yours can be shared in multiple places once it’s uploaded.

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