Male Order Husband on eBay for Xmas

If you live in Romania ladies, this eBay listing might be just the ticket.

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Whether you are looking for a friend or a lover or a husband, this man is ready and willing to be that for you. The listing is limited to women in Romania and pickup will be arranged after the auction. I trolled the policies on eBay and could not find anything specifically detailing this type of auction. It did come up briefly under the policy of selling human body parts and remains, but nothing specific. Still I have no doubt that eBay will pull this listing soon.

So let’s meet the guy:

He says, “I am 21 years old, funny, gentleman, I like sport, travel… I like LIFE.”

His username is dan_i3l_87. I assume that makes him a Dan or Daniel, but don’t quote me.

What are your thoughts on mail order brides, and in this case husbands?

I haven’t seen something like this except in print. I call to mind Endearment by LaVryle Spencer. It was a good farce as Anna was not at all like what she painted herself to be. This is our fear with online dating! Is Dan too good to be true? Well you can chat with him on yahoo messenger for the next two days.

What other novels have you read that included mail ordered brides/husbands?

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  1. seriously?

  2. Samanther

    Aww, cute… Haha, “male-order.” 😛

  3. Thanks Samanther! I love titling posts! I’m pretty proud of my Twilight movie review title too.

  4. And Sasha – the boy’s auction has been taken down so no more creepy lol!

  5. Ray Torres

    I had typed in “mail order husbands” only because I thought it didn’t exist and wanted to suggest to my sister that we start our own Mail order husband gig but when I saw that there are such sites, I almost gagged on my food. So, I wanted to sign up and see if they can get me married off to some hottie in Greece or the UK. LMMFAO! So, where do I sign up to be a husband? I actually WORK, have a college degree, a car, AND own my home. And NO, I do not have a dozen of kids running around and a bunch of baby mama drama….lol

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