by First Mate Keira

Title: Alice in Wonderland
Director: Tim Burton
Run Time: 108 Minutes
Rated: PG

Summary: Grown-up Alice revisits the Wonderland of her youth, a place she’s dreamed about since she was six, in a retelling of the classic storyline, when a white rabbit shows up at her engagement party and leads her to a new fantastical world. There she’s told she must slay a Jabberwocky and save Wonderland, her actions restoring the true balance of power to the White Queen.

Why I watched this movie:

Two words: Johnny Depp.


  • Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. He really knows how to bring life to his characters. You truly believe he is this strange sad being. Depp’s an actor of the highest caliber. One day we will see him earn the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oscars.
  • Mia Wasikowska is a marvelous Alice. I love her. She’s so easy to watch on the screen and so animated and lively. The right Alice!
  • The makeup, costumes, and special effects. It’s a visual feast. I love the Red Queen’s (Helena Bonham Carter) mutated head.


  • The White Queen’s (Anne Hathaway) goth-white makeup. It’s too bizarre. Her dark eyebrows are way too stark on her paled out face.
  • Hatter didn’t appear in the real world for Alice. They would have been so cute as a couple! Sigh… that just means I get a sequel right?

Buy: Alice in Wonderland

Rating: 4.5 Treasure Chests

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