Movie Review: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never directed by Jon M. Chu

by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
Director: Jon M. Chu
Run Time: 105 Minutes
Rated: G

Summary: This movie is basically a documentary of Justin’s life and his experience going from a kid living in a small town in Canada to the world’s most famous teenager and how life is insanely different growing up because of it. Sometimes he just wishes he was normal kid and could live a regular life. This movie leads up to the most important sold out concert of his career at the Madison Square Garden. As he moves on in his career all the people in his life will continue to keep him grounded to become a good man. 🙂

Why I watched this movie:

I love Justin Bieber! I’m a Bieliber with Bieber Fever! Why wouldn’t I see his movie?


  • I think all the obsessed fans are hilarious! (Not like I wouldn’t do the same) I love seeing their faces all in shock and how some of them start crying. He really does have the best fans ever (I would know because I am one. *g*)
  • One of my favorite scenes was they ‘Give Back’. For every concert they have leftover tickets that are usually in the first ten rows and what they do is go around and find people that don’t have tickets and give it them to them! How sweet!
  • My other favorite scene is the ‘One Less Lonely Girl‘. It’s a tradition for every concert and they pick a random girl from the audience to be cherished by Justin with flowers and to be sung to! I want to be his one less lonely girl! 😀
  • Jayden Smith is my favorite ‘Cast Member’ besides Justin. He’s just so adorable and I love his afro!


  • I wish that it was longer! 105 minutes of Justin Bieber is clearly not long enough!


Last minute thoughts:

  • I don’t just love this movie because I love Justin Bieber but he also a great influence to everyone and tells his fans to pursue their dreams and to ‘Never Say Never‘ because as long as you’re determined and keep trying anything can happen.
  • There better be a part 2 to this movie! Fingers crossed!

Buy: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Movie Rating: 5 Treasure Chests! Best Movie EVER!

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  1. Because I became his fan in the first video he posted and ill be his fan untill he posts his last video I luv yuh justin

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